15 March 2020

Empties: February 2020

Born Pretty Store Throne Stamping Polish | I quite liked this, it doesn't have much in though so didn't last me too long [review].
Glisten and Glow Top Coat | My go to topcoat, it dries my nails quickly and doesn't cause shrinkage or drags nail art [review].
L'Occitane Foot Balm | I am sceptical as to if this is actually any different to the 25% shea butter intensive hand cream from them. It was nice to use but not something I would repurchase.
OPI Avojuice Cran and Berry | A very fruity hand lotion, quickly absorbs and the scent does linger. Good for during the day when you don't want slimy or greasy hands.

Lush Punkin Pumpkin | Apparently the eyes on this one glow in the dark, this isn't something I noticed. Scent was vague cinnamon and pepper. I don't think I would repurchase this.
Lush Monsters Ball 2019 | This smelled okay, however it made the bath water turn a very unpleasant sludgy brown colour. Wouldn't repurchase this one.
Bubble Bar Pink Spritz | I'm not sure what brand this is but this for some reason made all of the skin on my hands peel off. I only used it once but refuse to use the rest of it, it may be just me who reacts to it though?
Lush Snow Fairy | I really like the smell of this shower gel, such a shame it isn't available all year around. That as well as it being so expensive! Sickly sweet and pink.

Yankee Candle Wiches Brew Candle and Wax Tart | Clearly I like the scent of this as I have used two products in the same scent! If only Yankee Candle would bring this out again then I would repurchase.
Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Fragrance Spray | I quite like the scent of this, lime. I don't think I would purchase this, it was a gift and I enjoyed it enough to use it up.
Charlie Black Spray | Again not something I purchased myself, I don't tend to use spray's like these. Again while I wouldn't buy this myself I still enjoyed it enough to finish it.

Spring is almost upon us and I started going through my make up, seeing what is out of date and time to remove it from my collection.;

Sleek The Original Eyeshadow Palette | Sleek eyeshadow seems to be okay, the colours in this particular palette were very shimmery and too colourful for me.
ELF Luminescence Highlighter | I'm not sure why I bought this, it is out of date now and I never use highlighter. I think it was quite a glittery one too.
Collection Ivory Powder | My go to setting powder, it is pale enough it doesn't leave me orange. I have already a back up of this.
Models Own Cheeky Pink Blush | This was a nice light pink blush. I didn't reach too much for it though because it was slightly sheen-y which isn't something I really want.
ELF Toffee Blush | While this is supposed to be a blush I got it for a contour, it was just too dark on my skin tone. I ended up buying NYX Taupe which suits my skin better.

ELF Eyeshadows | I have had these for too long, I just never seemed to reach for them. Having lipstick in a pan next to a powder product just doesn't seem to work.


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