10 March 2020

Topic Tuesday: Favourite Cuticle Oil

Over the past decade I have used a lot of different cuticle oils and creams. While my new years resolution has been to DIY my own, I want to use up the ones I already have first.

The Barry M So-Cuticle cuticle oil was nice, but it changed consistency during the winter to be thick and clumpy. Which is to be expected in a product containing so much coconut oil.

At the moment I really like using Rainbow Connection cuticle oil. The bottle is skull shaped which is a bonus, however the product itself is really good. It comes in various scents as well, I have tried Honey I Wash The Kids which is a scent dupe for Lush's Honey I Washed The Kids, and Comforter which again is a scent dupe for Lush's The Comforter.



  1. I like the one from Poundland by Makeup Gallery - it is really good :-D

    1. Ah I haven't tried there version, thanks for the hint, I'll look out for that one.


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