14 June 2020

Empties: May 2020

Although I didn't buy much this past month I have been using things up;

Essie Strong Start Base Coat | This was a thin formula which doesn't help smooth out any ridges or imperfections. I don't think I would repurchase this.
OPI A Rose at Dawn Broke By Noon | The finish of this is pearlescent which is back on trend now but not one I particularly like. I made a specific effort to use this up, but won't be repurchasing [swatch].
Mad Beauty Strawberry Hand Cream | I think this was more of a normal lotion texture, the scent was very artificial strawberry. Not one I'd repurchase.
Soap and Glory Hand Food Sugar Crush | A thicker hand cream, the scent is very citrus-y, particularly of lime. I like the hand cream and the scent, it does moisturise my hands which at the moment and all of the hand washing is needed. Definitely will repurchase this once I have run out of my backups.

Vosene Shampoo | Does what it is supposed to do, the scent is medicated and does linger on my hair if my conditioner isn't strongly scented. I'll buy this again.
L'Occitane Shampoo | My scalp didn't like this shampoo, it also left my hair feeling very stripped and dry. Maybe good if you were trying to get a dye out of your hair? Not one I would repurchase.
The Luxury Bathing Company Body Wash Pear and Nectar Blossom | I think I got this for Christmas, I really liked the scent of it, fruity and citrus.

Nag Champa Incense | This one is particularly potent, not one you can ignore, but actually has a scent rather than just burning wood. Won't need to repurchase for a while as I have a box of 14 left to go.
Fortune Cookie This Thing Hand Sanitiser | I'm not keen on the scent, it was similar to Turkish delight. Also calling a product 'OCD' is not a marketing trope, I don't agree with it. Not one I would buy.
Korres Basil and Lemon Lotion | I didn't like the scent of this, smelt of herby lemons which is what you would expect from this! The formula was nice though and left my skin feeling soft. I wouldn't repurchase this scent and have a couple of others left to use.



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