29 September 2020

Topic Tuesday: Unconventional Autumnal Polishes

I think for me an unconventional polish for autumn could be holographics because particularly here (northern England) there isn't a lot of bright sunlight for around six months. Holo's do look amazing in direct sunlight so that is why it may be unconventional.

[Tonic Polish - Jinx]


26 September 2020

Stamping Plate: Nicole Diary 172 From Born Pretty Store [#49664]*


Nicole Diary 172 is a square plate, 60mm by 60mm. It comes with a blue protective sticker over the top of the plate, it is backed with branded logos.

The plate has six larger images, the theme of the plate is classed as part of the leaves collection however I think that this plate could be used as a easier way of doing the current trend fluid art nails. All of the images I have used stamped across well.

Here is some nail art I have done using this plate;

[Autumn Abstract Nails]

[Snake Skin Print]

I have a 10% off discount code (HS7J61) if you would like to use it;

Born Pretty Store
Nicole Diary 172 - $1.99


25 September 2020

Swatch: Fancy Gloss - Magma

Magma is a duochrome flakie topcoat polish, I have shown it over black below as well as matte because flakies always look good mattified. It is a perfect autumnal / fall flakie polish.

[Indoors, Flash]

Colour | Red, Yellow, Orange
Finish | Duochrome Flakie Topper
Opacity | One Coat shown over black
Brush Type | Flat and Wide
How Much | 15ml

[Outdoors, No Flash]



24 September 2020

Review: Born Pretty Store - Hoh Xil - Thermal Stamping Polish [#42853]*

To celebrate Born Pretty Store's upcoming 10th Birthday I have some polishes to share, two holographic ones Beautiful Eyes and Zeus Sword and this thermal stamping polish;

The polish comes in a cardboard box, has a wide brush and 6ml of product.

As this is a thermal polish I thought I would share it worn as a polish in both cold and warm states;

[Hoh Xil - Thermal Stamping Polish - Warm]

[Hoh Xil - Thermal Stamping Polish - Cold]

The above photos show the polish with four coats to reach full opacity. As this is a stamping polish I found it to be quite thin and so only showed up over particularly light polishes. However it did stamp as shown below.


I found the thermal colour change to be quite subtle in Hoh Xil, Born Pretty Store does have 12 shades in this stamping thermal polish range and so perhaps one of the others has a stronger colour change.

I have a 10% off discount code (HS7J61) if you would like to use it;

Born Pretty Store
Hoh Xil - $5.99


23 September 2020

Nails: Top 5 Autumn / Fall Polishes 2020

As autumn arrived yesterday I thought I would share my top five autumn / fall nail polishes.
I have done similar posts in 201920182017201620152014, and 2013.

Dystopia Midnight's Mirror is a duochrome darker polish, going between a navy and a purple, duochrome's are hard to photograph but they do look stunning on the nails and this being darker makes it lovely for the autumn.


A England Maxim is a muted red shade, not something bright but fits in with the colour scheme of autumn leaves. The fact that Maxim is a holographic adds something extra to it, which I like.

Fancy Gloss Magma is new to my collection, it is a duochrome flakie topper polish. I have worn it over black in the photo below. It again fits in with the colour scheme of autumn, russet, yellow shades. Given this is a topper you could wear it over any of the other polishes I have posted about here.

OPI My Italian is a Little Rusty is the newest polish to my collection, it is a deep terracotta shade. Reminds me of something typical in the 1970's, not something I would tend to reach for year round but I didn't have one this particular shade and thought it would be ideal for autumn.

Barry M Spearmint could be a winter polish but I have been reaching for it more often in autumn. It is more of a muted cream polish which would make a nice base for some seasonal stamping, or with Fancy Gloss Magma over top.


22 September 2020

Topic Tuesday: Popular Mani "Must Do" That You Don't

One of the things that you are supposed to do when doing your nails is cap the free edge. If you have very short nails then I think you can get away without doing it. But my nails are generally longer than the tip of my finger and I never cap the free edge. Closest to it was when I did Louboutin style nails;