13 September 2020

Empties: August 2020

Another month gone for 2020, this past month I seem to have finished a lot of polishes;

ELF - Sea Escape | The texture on this one went strange, all blobby inside rather than gloopy, I don't like this enough to try and fix it or repurchase [swatch]. 
ELF - Dark Purple Glitter| This one also went blobby so not one I want to try and fix [swatch].
Models Own - Gun Grey | I had this polish since 2010, I've pretty much used it all up couldn't get to the very bottom. Was a nice polish but Models Own went bust so not one I'd repurchase [swatch].
Essie - Virgin Snow | I don't think I have any others this shade in my collection, it was a very pale lilac colour. The brush on this was good especially for a mini. Don't think I will repurchase it though [swatch].

Nails Inc - Kensington Caviar Top Coat | Didn't mind this topcoat but it is thinner consistency than my go to Glisten and Glow. Also I could only use this when I wasn't doing any nail art as I found it dragged that which isn't ideal.
OPI - Red Fingers and Mistletoe | A dark red with shimmer running through it, I liked this one for festive nail art, doubt I would repurchase as I have others I prefer [swatch].
OPI - Adam said "It's New Year's" Eve | Finished this mini, I have a full sized one so not one to repurchase yet. It is a mid bright red shade which I used all year round [swatch].
Nail Artisan Cuticle Oil - The Cauldron Scent | I was bought this for my birthday, I am using my own DIY one generally. The scent of this was vaguely a scent dupe for Yankee Candle Witches Brew. While the oil was great for my cuticles, I found the oil scent to be overpowering so I'd not get it again.

Carex Aloe Vera Hand Gel | While I got through a fair bit of hand gel before the current global situation, this has ramped up to repurchasing the larger bottles to refill ones on the go. Boring scent but it does what it is supposed to do and will repurchase.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner | I keep repurchasing this. It is thick and smells of argan oil and the scent lingered in my hair as well as leaving my hair soft and smooth.
Leighton Denny - Hand and Nail Scrub | I did like this surprisingly, it is activated with water and the takes a bit of rinsing to get off. Left my hands smooth, and moisturised. There were small pieces of glitter left on my hands which I wasn't a fan off, so only used it at night.

 Avon Personal Match Ivory Foundation | I had no idea how long I have had this so it must be past it's expiry date! I just don't reach for powder foundations and so won't be repurchasing if it is still even produced!
Wild - Mint Fresh Deodorant | I liked this, I didn't find it left white marks on my black clothes, I didn't find I smelt while using it. What I would say though is I don't think the scent was particularly minty, more essential oils. I like how the only bit you have to dispose of is recyclable as its made of bamboo pulp. I have a 20% off code if you want to give it a go as well (here). I have two other scents to work my way through before repurchase.



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