15 November 2020

Empties: October 2020

October has been quite the month. I am surprised by fact I used anything up, not as much as a typical month though.

Lush - Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb | Patchouli, earthy, spicy. Would keep repurchasing as long as they come out for Halloween, I recently stocked up on about five [review].
Stargazer - Chrome Blue 235 | I have had this for so long, since at least 2014. I didn't really like the colour of this against my skin, however it stamped across really well and that was how I used it. I'd not repurchase as I have many metallic blue stamping polishes left in my collection [swatch].

Imperial Leather Cosmic Unicorn Shower Gel | I have no idea what a cosmic unicorn is supposed to smell like. It was a basic shower gel, not one I would go out of my way to repurchase.
Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Shower Gel | I think this is my favourite Soap and Glory scent for spring / summer, it is a sweet sugared lime one and I like it. Would repurchase.

Wickford and Co Sugared Raspberry Candle | A sweet, vaguely raspberry scent. I did like this but am glad to have finished it because for me it isn't a autumn / winter type of scent.
Yankee Candle Sweet Blueberry Muffin Wax Melts | There is a good scent throw to these, sweet, bakery type of a scent. The packaging is annoying, very difficult to get the pods out. If I could remember where I got them from I would repurchase.
The Glitter Box Mediterranean Citrus Wax Melt | I think these were free with a purchase, the scent throw was really, really good on this. The scent wasn't to my taste but I think I would purchase more from The Glitter Box if they were still in business.
Nag Champa Incense Sticks | This one is particularly potent, not one you can ignore, but actually has a scent rather than just burning wood. Won't need to repurchase for a while as I have a box of 12 left to go.



  1. I still have a few Stargazers from long ago! Early 2000s perhaps or earlier? Sure I have said before, I love patchouli <3 got Lord of Misrule shower gel and spray!

    1. I've not seen the in any shops for a few years now.

      Got to be careful with the shower gel not to dye my skin green :P

    2. There are a few goth/hippy shops in Glasgow that still have them last I checked early this year.

    3. Must be still making them then :)


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