8 November 2020

Shopping: October 2020

Part one of my final pre-order came in this month with Dragons at Dusk;

Painted Polish - Blue Jean Baby // Tonic Polish - Dragons at Dusk

Baroness X - Cuticle Balm

I had placed an order with Born Pretty Store, it came in time for spooky month. Just need to practice using foils!

Halloween Foils - Born Pretty Store #50543

Holo Foils Roll - Born Pretty Store #22930

Snowflake Foils - Born Pretty Store #50668

Also got some teeny brushes, clean up brush and a autumn stamping plate.
Tiny brushes - #41284 // Clean up brush - #41414 // Autumn L002 plate - #50584

Bits from eBay;

Nicole Diary L12 // Nicole Diary Stamping Polish 02

I finally used up my Christmas gift cards from last year from Lush because the Halloween range is now out;

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb x 2
Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb x5
The Comforter Bath Bomb
The Comforter Bubble Bar
Bat Art Bath Bomb

Smelts & Co - Witches Brew
Smells fruity rather than a dupe for YC.

Tealights from Dunelm



  1. Nice. Those foils look good. I need to update my purchases!

    1. I still need practice to make foils look any good!


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