13 April 2021

Topic Tuesday: Favourite Shade of Blue Polish

After looking through my polishes I think right now my favourite blue polish is Tonic Polish Dragons at Dusk. The polish is a darker, navy base with a duochrome, purple and cyan.



11 April 2021

Empties: March 2021

Lush Snow Fairy Bubble Bar | Used this over three baths, made lots of bubbles and smelled sweet. Might repurchase this.
Dunelm Tea Lights | Basic tea lights, don't burn for too long. Would repurchase.
Lush Sex Bomb Bath Bomb | Jasmine scented but not too floral, more musky. Would repurchase [review].
Nag Champa Incense | This one is particularly potent, not one you can ignore, but actually has a scent rather than just burning wood. Won't need to repurchase for a while as I have a box of 10 left to go.

Boots Acetone Free Remover | Another basic product that does what you'd expect. I think I have another backup otherwise would repurchase.
Charlie Edge Body Spray | I don't buy these for myself, the scent on this one was something I didn't mind. Happy to have finished it, wouldn't buy this for myself though.

Vosene Shampoo | Does what it is supposed to do, the scent is medicated and does linger on my hair if my conditioner isn't strongly scented. I'll buy this again.
DermaV10 Foot Peel | This started to peel around seven days after using them. They worked okay for my foot size 6, they'd probably not fit over a UK 10 foot size.


10 April 2021

Nail Polish Swatch: Barry M - Blue Margarita (Summer 2021 Gellys)

Barry M released a range of six gelly polishes for Summer 2021. I have compared this one to previous gelly polishes. I don't think they are actual dupes of any others but they are very similar, Blue Margarita is most like Blueberry but slightly darker.

Nail Polish Swatch Barry M Blue Margarita Summer 2021 Gellys

Colour | Light Blue
Finish | Cream
Opacity | Two Coats
Brush Type | Flat, Wide, Rounded
How Much | 10ml
Cruelty Free | Yes
Vegan | Yes
Collection | Summer 2021 Gelly's

Elderberry // Ocean Blue // Blue Margarita // Blueberry // Damson

[Daylight - No Flash]

Elderberry // Ocean Blue // Blue Margarita // Blueberry // Damson

[Daylight - No Flash]

Elderberry // Ocean Blue // Blue Margarita // Blueberry // Damson

[Indoors - No Flash]

Elderberry // Ocean Blue // Blue Margarita // Blueberry // Damson

[Indoors - Flash]


9 April 2021

Nail Polish Swatch: Tonic Polish - Dragons at Dusk

Dragons at Dusk is one of Tonic Polish's best sellers, it is a very shifty duochrome polish and as such I have struggled to take a photo showing all three of the main shifts.

Colour | Blue, Purple, Cyan
Finish | Multichrome
Opacity | Two Coats
Brush Type | Flat and Wide
How Much | 15ml
Collection | Tonic Debut
Purchased From | Rainbow Connection

Five Free + Cruelty Free

[Daylight, No Flash]

[Indoors, Flash]

[Indoors, No Flash]

[Indoors, No Flash]


6 April 2021

Topic Tuesday: Favourite Polish Purchase 2021

I think that so far in 2021 my favourite polish would be either Danglefoot Cyclops which is a jelly finish indigo polish with copper flakies. Or Danglefoot Tears in Rain, which had been on my 'lust list' since June 2019. It is a denim blue with orange, red shimmer.

Cyclops // Tears in Rain