29 January 2021

Nail Polish Swatch: NYX - Purple Ink

I have previously swatched this eight years ago. While I don't think it is currently available it is something I am going to continue using and would like a much better swatch post to link back to.


Colour | Dark Purple
Finish | Glass Flecked
Opacity | Two Coater
Brush Type | Standard
How Much | 10ml


26 January 2021

Topic Tuesday: Nail Polish Storage

New shelf - left // Original shelf - right



25 January 2021

Nails: Peacock Tartan

These nails were the base of some festive ones I did in December, I think I prefer them without the tree.

Base Polish | Tonic Polish - Peacock Parade
Stamping Plate | Beauty Big Bang 5


22 January 2021

Nail Polish Swatch: A England - Crown Jewels (Tales from the Tower Collection)


Colour | Burgundy
Finish | Liner Holo with "Golden Lustre"
Opacity | Two Coats Shown
Brush Type | Flat, Wide, Rounded Cuticle
How Much | 10ml
Collection | Tales from the Tower


21 January 2021

Review: Lush - Bat Art - Bath Bomb (Halloween 2020)

Bat Art is a bath bomb released for Halloween 2020, I got this in October.

"Unfurl violet glittering bath art"

Review Lush Bat Art Bath Bomb Halloween 2020

The bath bomb itself is bat shaped, is black and has some sparkle.

The scent is along the same lines as their 'Junk' scent, described as lemon, orange, rosemary, sage and blackcurrant.

Review Lush Bat Art Bath Bomb Halloween 2020

Bat Art took a long time to dissolve, it turned the water a very dark purple colour.

I couldn't pick out a particular scent, just fresh which did linger on my skin afterwards.

Review Lush Bat Art Bath Bomb Halloween 2020

Something to note, this bath bomb does stain the bath. Also it has finely milled glitter in it which stuck to the bottom of the bath as well my skin. I didn't notice the glitter whilst in the bath.

I liked the colour this turned the water, the shape and the scent.

I didn't like having to scrub my bath afterwards, or the glitter.


20 January 2021

Nail Art: Weird Pink

I have set myself the challenge of using up Champneys Pink, I have many pink polishes I never reach for so it would be good to use them up. Excuse the tip wear, I wasn't sure I liked these nails, the pink has Weird Sisters which is a clear to black thermal.

Blue Polish | A England - The Waves
Pink Polish | Champneys - Pink


19 January 2021

Topic Tuesday: First Purchase of 2021

So far in 2021 I haven't bought any nail polish, the polish I would have bought is Orly So Fly which is a neon highlighter green shade which I don't have one of in my collection. I say would have bought because I can't find one in stock online anywhere at the moment other than the gel version.


15 January 2021

Nail Polish Swatch: Essence - Hex Hex! [Magnetic]


Colour | Silver
Opacity | Two Coats
Finish | Metallic, Magnetic
Brush Type | Flat and Wide
How Much | 8ml



14 January 2021

Review: Baroness X - Vegan Matte Cuticle Balm - Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Rolls

Review Baroness X Vegan Matte Cuticle Balm Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Rolls

I've tried many cuticle moisturising products over the years but not one that claims to be matte. This particular one has been known to be called 'swatchers balm'. While I do swatch nail polish I actually wear it for a few days rather than swatch - photo - remove - repeat.

Claims to be:
- Cruelty free
- Free of common allergens
- Vegan, no beeswax
- 85% organic

I had been applying it with my finger as the heat from my finger melted the balm enough to use however because I have longer nails it will become harder to apply like that and so I will be using a small brush.

This particular scent is Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Rolls described as "soft salted caramel cinnamon rolls with chopped toasted pecans". I found it smells very sweet, with a slight nut scent. The scent reminded me of the smell you get hit with when you walk in to a candle shop, particularly that of Collectables.

Review Baroness X Vegan Matte Cuticle Balm Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Rolls

The balm is less oily looking than a normal cuticle oil, the scent lasts for a couple of hours on me even with hand washing and sanitising. It sinks in quickly which means you remove the white cast left by remover and so you can photograph the polish. Overall I like the product, and will continue to use on a day to day basis. For an overnight product I will continue using a traditional cuticle oil for intensive moisturising.


12 January 2021

Topic Tuesday: Brands You Want to Try in 2021

Not sure of any new brands particularly, would like to purchase more from Danglefoot, ILNP and Fancy Gloss I think.