3 January 2021

Shopping: December 2020

I don't buy anything for myself during December, however I did get some things as gifts. I know I have polishes waiting for me elsewhere but until we can travel again they will have to wait!

ILNP - Eclipse (H) // Rogue Lacquer - Spiced Plums // A England - Orlando // A England - The Waves // A England - To The Lighthouse

Wild refillable deodorant - £5 off code if you want to give it a go as well here
Black Case // Cotton and Sea Salt Scent // Lavender Haze Scent // Coconut Dreams Scent

Lush - Snowfairy Bubble Bar // Superdrug - Cherry and Almond Shower Gel // Yankee Candle - Black Cherry

Witches Broth Soup Bowl with Broom Spoon

Black Cat Calendar and Vego Chocolate



  1. Nice gifts :-D Loving the polishes and Cat Calendar - I get the page a day one..have done for several years haha!

    Is the Vego chocolate any good?

    1. The original mini one tastes of nutella which is nice but couldn't eat a whole bar of it in one sitting.


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