19 January 2021

Topic Tuesday: First Purchase of 2021

So far in 2021 I haven't bought any nail polish, the polish I would have bought is Orly So Fly which is a neon highlighter green shade which I don't have one of in my collection. I say would have bought because I can't find one in stock online anywhere at the moment other than the gel version.



  1. I have bought the new Barry M Velvet Shades and one of the Rose Tints, the darker one. I really need to put them up on a new page for 2021 buys! Noticed yours :-D I still have to finish Decemeber's buys lol :-|

    So Fly and the yellow one, can't remember the name? Snap something were totally on my radar!

    1. I think the yellow from the Retrowave collection was Oh Snap, I got Glowstick last year so 'need' a green to go with my neons.


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