11 July 2021

Empties: June 2021

Not all that much used up this past month, perhaps because I did last month's empties late.

Maybelline Peel Off Base Coat | This was okay, used it up quite quickly once I got around to using it. I did like it but don't think I'd repurchase.
OPI Avo Juice Hand Lotion Spiced Persimmon | The lotion sinks in quickly and the scent lingers, this one was nice, I would buy Avo Juice again just maybe in a different scent.
L'Occitane Amande | I used this as hand lotion, it sinks in quickly and the scent lingers on this one as well.
Lip Smacker Cherry Cola Lip Balm | I like the formula on the lip smackers they do what they are supposed to do. I would repurchase lip smackers again, however I have quite a lot left to use up before buying any more!

Scottish Fine Soaps Gingerbread Soap | A soap that smells quite gingery, it was nice. It was a gift so probably not something I'd buy myself.
Superdrug Fruity Lime and Ginger Shower Gel | The scent on this was strongly of lime, couldn't smell the ginger of it. Another thing that was a gift and unlikely to purchase myself.

Nag Champa Cones | I was very disappointed with these cones, the scent on them were nothing like the nag champa incense sticks. Would not repurchase.
The Gift Shop Marzipan Fragrance Oil | This was okay but I'd not repurchase.
The Gift Shop Cappuccino Fragrance Oil | Again this was okay to use but not a repurchase item.



  1. I saw those soaps at Xmas time and was tempted!

    1. I don't know where it was bought from but it smells good.


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