4 July 2021

Shopping: June 2021

I think after this month I will have all of my Christmas gifts. Very strange celebrating 'Christmas' in May and June, much warmer than the usual December temperature!

Models Own - Duck // Models Own - Dove // Models Own - Swan // Emily de Molly - Rock Solid // Orly - Synthetic Symphony // Orly - Plastic Jungle

Liquid Latex

Stamping Plate Holder

Beauty Big Bang Clear Stamper

Boots Acetone Free Remover // Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover

Lord of Misrule x4
Snow Fairy Bath Bomb, Snow Fairy Roll Bubble Bar
Angels Delight Bath Bomb, I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas Bath Bomb



  1. I only ever bought the yellow one from that Models Own collection. Kinda wishing I bought the others.

    1. I convinced myself at the time I didn't need any of them. Bad decision lol!


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