5 September 2021

Shopping: August 2021

I didn't buy myself anything throughout August but I did get birthday gifts;

Whatcha - Heart Of The Ocean // Painted Polish - Right As Rainbows // DRK - Raspberry In Blue // ILNP - Black Orchid // Nails Inc - Bermondsey

Boysenberry // Charcoal // Cranberry // Down to Earth // Evergreen // Lilac Orchid // Mushroom // Night Sky // Red Sky // Rock Pool // Salt Lake

AJ Nails - Purpleous // AJ Nails - Venus

Leighton Denny Precision Corrector

Fragrance Oils;

Lorde Miserable // Losing Cherry // Calmer // Honey Wash For Kids

Bergamot // Patchouli // Jasmine // Eucalyptus // Orange // Peppermint // Cherry // Christmas Cookie



  1. Lovely polishes and great gifts!

    I see Barry M brought out some new polishes, lots of browns so not sure what I'll be getting?

    I had a look for the MOs polishes when I was in the shops, but didn't see any.

    1. I saw that range, some for A/W as well as a collection of brown ones. I'm sure I'll get all of them eventually :p


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