10 October 2021

Empties: September 2021

I was going through my collection and came across four magnetic polishes from 2011 / 2012 that no longer worked and some had became too thick to work with.

Essence Magic Wand | I purchased this in 2012 and it no longer reacted to a magnet, I'd not replace this, magnetic pink isn't something I reach for [swatch].
Essence Steel Me | Another one from 2012, this polish had become too thick to use. While I like grey as a colour I wouldn't repurchase this [swatch].
Essence Hex Hex | From 2012 as the previous two, this no longer reacts to a magnet. I'd not repurchase it [swatch].
17 Magnetic Blue | This was from 2011, it had separated and dried up. I do like the colour but the brand 17 are no more [swatch].

Barry M Matte Topcoat | I do like this matte, I have a backup already but I would repurchase this [review].
Leighton Denny Miracle Drops | This is designed to make polish dry quicker, I prefer to use a quick dry topcoat. Finally used this up and wouldn't repurchase.
Born Pretty Store Skin Protector | This wasn't a bad product, but it has since dried up, it also didn't smell good to use [review].

Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara | I have repurchased this before and do like the brush, good for separating and lengthening. I'd not repurchase now as Revlon test on animals, and I am avoiding that.
Nutmeg Cotton Balls | Good basic cotton balls, I don't think they are particularly large though. I would buy these again.
Soap and Glory Hand Food Sugar Crush | A thicker hand cream, the scent is very citrus-y, particularly of lime. I like the hand cream and the scent, it does moisturise my hands which at the moment and all of the extra hand washing is needed. Definitely will repurchase this once I have run out of my backups.
Radox Hand Gel | This was more liquid than gel, very strong alcohol scent too.
Lush Coalface Soap | I've been using this soap for years, it is aimed at oilier skin types but with age my skin type has changed and Coalface is now too drying for me.


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