3 October 2021

Shopping: September 2021

Barry M released some autumn / winter gelly polishes as well as some autumn nude gelly's;

Apricot Tart // Berry Pie // Huckleberry (2021) // Palma Violet // Plum Jam // Vanilla Slice

Cafe au Lait // Cappuccino // Chai Latte // Espresso // Tiramisu

Creepin It Real B023

Charlie's Nail Art;

Bats, Ghosties, Orange Leaves, Red Leaves

Spent my Lush giftcard;

Lord of Misrule Shower Gel, Movis Face Soap, Lord of Misrule '21 Bath Bomb

Lastly gifted a Yankee Candle;


1 comment:

  1. The top row of polishes look okay. Not into browns so probably will give them a by!


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