25 December 2021

Barry M - Nail Paint Advent Calendar

This advent calendar has 12 full size polishes of which six are exclusive to the box as well as a surprise behind door 12. Before purchasing I checked what polishes were actually in the set and only two of them were already in my collection. 

I'll post a jump link below to hide any spoilers;

Eight Gelly's
Acai Smoothie, Black Cherry, Blue Frosting, Icing Sugar, Rose Champagne, Strawberry Whip, Super Smoothie, Treacle Syrup

One Air

One Crystal Rock
White Moonstone

One Green Origin
Base and Top Coat

One Hi Vis
Neon Yellow Flash

One Velvet
Silent Cove

Cuticle Oil
Make Up Bag
Nail File

Door One | Blue Frosting

Door Two | White Moonstone

Door Three | Base and Top Coat

Door Four | Scarlet

Door Five  | Neon Yellow Flash

Door Six | Strawberry Whip

Door Seven | Acai Smoothie

Door Eight | Super Smoothie

Door Nine | Rose Champagne

Door Ten | Silent Cove

Door 11Black Cherry

Door 12 | Treacle Syrup / Icing Sugar




  1. These are nice so glad I got it.

    How does Treacle Syrup compare to the LE Syrup? Cos I bought it too!

    1. One is more bronze toned and the other more yellow toned, both very similar though.

  2. they are lovely cols.and look very niceon yr nails x


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