12 December 2021

Empties: November 2021

Throughout November I appear to have used up quite a lot of things, including eight polishes;

CK Silver Streak | A good basic silver metallic polish, however not one I'd repurchase [swatch].
OPI Kiss Me or ELF | Purple shimmer shade, again not one I'd repurchase [swatch].
OPI My Wishlist is You | Very much a festive toned red, I think I have a full size of this in my collection [swatch].
NYC West Village | This polish is a navy with a hint of purple. Happy to have used it up but not one to replace for me [swatch].

Avon Lilac Love | This polish is a very light lilac shade which is nice for spring, I have dupes within my collection [swatch].
Avon Soft Violet, Blue Royale | This has a suede finish, both have dried up now and were almost finished [soft violet] [blue royale].
Vibrant Vinyls Fast and Hard | I didn't like this for anything other than wearing a plain colour as it streaked nail art badly on me so wouldn't repurchase [review].

Boots Acetone Free Remover | Thise does the job. I'd repurchase it.
Kiki London Builder Gel |  I have been using a gel overlay on my nails for around a year now and it seems to help them stay long. Would repurchase.
L'Occitaine Verbena | Quite a light formula with a citrus scent. Not moisturising enough for me during the autumn / winter.
L'Occitaine Rose | The formula on this is moisturising enough, however the scent is strongly of rose which I don't particularly like.
L'Occitaine  Foot Balm | Very thick and moisturising, too much for me.
L'Occitaine Shea | Thick and moisturising, it does leave my hands slightly slimy so best to use before bed, although it does sink in, in time.
Leighton Denny Well Heeled | This was moisturising and did seem to exfoliate over night. I may repurchase this.

Lacura Bath Brick | This fizzed and took a long while to dissolve. Left the water pink, not something I would repurchase.
Givenchy Perfume | Not a fragrance I liked but it did last for hours.
Superdrug Acai Blueberry Shower Gel | Scented of blueberries, the scent didn't linger on my skin afterwards.
Lush Sleepy Bath Bomb | Turned the water purple, apparently has "magical sleeping properties" due to aromatherapy oils within it which didn't work on me. Not a repurchase item.
Double Lollies Lip Balm | I didn't like this, the texture was very slippy, so I'd not repurchase.
Coca Cola Vanilla Lip Balm | These the the lip balm textures I prefer, isn't too hard to tear my lips nor too soft it leaves my lips very slippy.

Magic Crafting Bakewell Tart | Didn't really smell of bakewell tart, it was a sweet pleasant scent though.
Magic Crafting Blueberry Vanilla | Very similar to Yankee Candle Blueberry Muffin. I would repurchase.
Yankee All is Bright | I had this in melt and votive form, there was a strong citrus musky scent throw to this one. Not one I particularly enjoyed.
Yankee Glittering Star | Again I had this in two forms and they all smelt strongly of sandalwood. Not particularly a festive scent.


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