7 December 2021

Nail Polish Battle 2021: Greens

On Thursday I looked at the glitter polishes from 2021, today I am looking at the green polishes. Green isn't a colour of choice usually, but I was looking for a replacement for the green Yes Love K036 polish I used up.

Aj Nails - Peacock // Orly - Plastic Jungle // China Glaze - Head to Moji-Toes // Barry M - Rock Pool // Barry M - Huckleberry 2021 // Barry M - Jalapeño // Barry M -  Evergreen // Barry M - Thyme

Choosing my top three wasn't too difficult;

I bought Aj Nails Peacock when I realised I didn't have a neon green polish, this one is opaque in 2-3 coats which for a neon I think is good, very bright.

Jalapeño was part of the Summer 2021 gelly collection. It is a deep green shade which is light enough to tell it is green and not black. Almost a one coater with a paddle brush for easy application.

Which means that Orly Plastic Jungle is the winner, part of the 2021 Electric Escape collection. Firstly I wanted to say that this polish it notoriously bad at photographing accurately, it is less neon than in the photo. The brush is a nice wide paddle shape and was opaque in two coats. For me this polish replaced Yes Love K036, the finish of that was more rubberised whereas this is a cream. A bright grass green shade I like to use in nail art.



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