29 December 2021

Shopping: December 2021 (Nail Related)

Not technically shopping from December, more what I was kindly gifted in December. This post is nail related items, I will do a post about other items later in the week.

Barry M Polishes;

Blue Frosting // Super Smoothie // Treacle Syrup // Scarlet // Yellow Flash // Strawberry Whip

Barry M Polishes;

Icing Sugar // Rose Champagne // Silent Cove // White Moonstone // Cherry Tart

Jen and Berries - Yes My Gatekeeper // Nails Inc - Pudding Lane // DRK - Splendor // Fancy Gloss - Sapphire Shards // Fancy Gloss - Candy Cane

Femme Fatale - Cave of Wonder // Polish Molish - Fairy Peas // UberChic - Don't Hex My Vibe // A England - Faith // A England - Flaming June // Yes Love - 423

Orly Polishes;

Do A Breyl Roll // You're On Sapphire // Alexandrite By You // The Snuggle is Real // Plum Noir // Liquid Vinyl

Orly Polishes;

Touch of Magic // Whispered Lore // Bubbly Bombshell // Crawford's Wine // Naughty

OPI Polishes;

7th and Flower // Espresso Your Inner Self // Ain't It Grand Avenue // Abstract After Dark

Cotton Wool Balls x2
Acetone Free Remover x4
L'Occitane Hand Creams x4
Orly Cuticle Remover and Pusher
Orly Top and Base Coat


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