2 January 2022

Shopping: December 2021 (Everything Else)

Not technically shopping from December, more what I was kindly gifted in December. This post is everything not nail related, I did a post about nail items earlier in the week.


L: Blackberry Bath Bomb // Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb x2 // Lord of Misrule Shower Gel // Super Milk Conditioning Spray
R: Punkin Pumpkin Bath Bomb x2 // Ghostie Bath Bomb x2 // Soap // Screamo Bubble Bar

Home Scents;

L-R: Teddy Eva Chocolate Orange Wax // Smooth Vanilla Wax // Large Yankee Black Cherry Candle // Yankee Black Cherry Tealight Candles // Yankee Letters to Santa Votive // Yankee Tree Farm Festival Votive // Yankee Christmas Eve Cocoa Votive // Yankee All is Bright Votive // Medium Yankee Black Cherry Candle

Pacific Wax Gingerbread //  Yankee Filled Votive Black Cherry Candle x2 // Yankee Small Tree Farm Festival Candle // Yankee Small Letters to Santa Candle // Yankee Small Merry Berry Candle // Large Yankee Cherries on Snow Candle


Nag Champa // Money Matrix // Black Champa // Spicy Patchouli // Rose // Refreshing // Jasmine

Spiritual Awareness Incense Bricks

7th Heaven Peel Off Mask // Superdrug Witch Hazel Mask // 7th Heaven Panda Mask // Creme Nature Mango Shea Butter Leave In // Soap and Glory Jingle Blooms Body Butter // Soap and Glory Jingle Blooms Shower Gel

Percy and Reed;

Volumising Shampoo // Volumising Conditioner // Wonder Balm Hair Primer // Volumising Dry Shampoo // Volumising Mousse

Jelly Belly Lip Balms // Fruity Glosses // Dukes and Rose Organic Lip Balm
Revolution Corpse Bride Lipstick Victoria // Maybelline Superstay Liquid Lipstick Cocoa Connoisseur // Doll10 Effort Lash Mascara


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