10 April 2022

Empties: March 2022

Leighton Denny Remove and Go | This works, good for on the go. I don't tend to go places and change my polish so not one I'd need to repurchase.
L'Occitane Hand Cream | A very thick, moisturising cream. I like this, it's good for repairing my overly washed hands. It does leave my hands slimy so one I use on an evening. I have a full 150ml tube of this so no need to repurchase.
OPI - Black Cherry Chutney | A deep aubergine shimmer shade, I like this but wouldn't repurchase as I have others the same [swatch].

Superdrug Daiquiri Shower Gel | Smelt fruity, something okay to use but I have enough soap to work my way through so won't repurchase.
Lip Smacker Sprite | I like this, it does what lipbalm is supposed to do and smelt nice while doing that. Again I have a lot of backups so no need to repurchase, yet.
Dukes and Rose Organic Lip Balm | This was really nice, did what it was supposed to, smelt nice and had a good texture.

Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly | A light hold gel, vegan, CG approved. I liked this gel, it doesn't have a strong hold but works layered under something stronger on my hair.
Curlsmith Conditioning Wash | CG approved, I found this did lather somewhat but didn't work on my wavy hair. Would work better on more dry hair textures.
Percy and Reed Volumising Conditioner | Sulphate and silicone free, a lightweight conditioner. I didn't find this particularly volumising, wouldn't repurchase.

Teddy Eva Witches Brew | This wax scent isn't a Yankee dupe, it had a good scent throw and smelt of hazelnut chocolate.
Teddy Eva Espresso | Again had a good scent throw, not particularly espresso though. Very similar to Witches Brew from the brand.
Fragrance Liberty Candles Smooth Vanilla | I didn't notice any scent throw to this wax. Wouldn't repurchase.
Yankee All is Bright Votive | This had an okay scent throw but it was mainly a citrus scent which isn't one I'd repurchase.
Yankee Singing Carols Votives | Slightly pine scented, not one I'd repurchase.
Yankee Glittering Star Votive | Poor scent throw, wouldn't repurchase.

Yankee Merry Berry Candle | Fruity, this being so small I didn't find it had much of a scent throw so not a repurchase.
Yankee Black Cherry Tea Lights | These didn't have any scent throw so I'd not repurchase.
Aroma Energy Christmas Cookie Fragrance | Very strongly scented of nutmeg rather than traditional 'cookie'. I'd not repurchase.


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