1 May 2022

Empties: April 2022

OPI Nail Envy - This had completely dried up, I wouldn't replace it.
Avon City Navy - Every time I wore this it chipped within a few hours. I have enough similar colours not to replace it [swatch].
Avon Opal Topcoat - The clear base of this has discoloured, wouldn't repurchase [swatch].

Superdrug Acetone Free Polish Remover - Did the job, I'd repurchase again.
L'Occitaine Verbena Citrus Hand Lotion - Light, quickly sinks in and the scent lingers. I would repurchase this.
A Certain Becca Lacquer Berry Brew Cuticle Oil -  The oil sunk in to my skin quickly and the scent lingered. Berry Brew smelt of fruity sweets, similar to Skittles. Would repurchase.

Cantu Avocado Shampoo - Basic shampoo, would repurchase.
Percy and Reed Volumising Shampoo - Was okay, not particularly volumising so wouldn't repurchase.
CurlSmith Double Cream Deep Quencher - Very heavy duty deep conditioner, it had great slip to it but I'd not purchase the full size as it was too intense for my fine hair.
Garnier Hair Food Banana - Another very intense deep conditioner, scented very strongly of artificial banana. Too intense for my hair type but I have purchased different variant of hair food.
Umberto Gianni Flowerology Volume Mousse - This is a foam rather than a mousse, it is heavily scented of rosemary. I've tried this in numerous ways and every time it left my hair feeling sticky and overly producty.

Yankee Black Cherry Medium Candle - I like the scent of this, deep cherry. The candle though didn't have much of a scent whilst burning, which was disappointing.
Yankee Letters to Santa Small Candle - Cinnamon and musk, the scent throw was okay for a small candle but not one I'd repurchase.
Magic Crafting Witches Brew Wax - This was strongly scented of patchouli, not a Yankee Witches Brew dupe.
Yankee Glittering Star Votive - Poor scent throw, wouldn't repurchase.
Yankee All is Bright Votive - Again this had an okay scent throw but it was mainly a citrus scent which isn't one I'd repurchase.


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