5 June 2022

Empties: May 2022

More empties this month that expected.

Four nail polishes;

Makeup Gallery Sapphire Blue | This polish the texture had changed and couldn't use it anymore, I wouldn't repurchase this [swatch].
Flash Nails Bubble Bath | A pastel circle glitter polish, the base had dried up in this. I don't think the brand is still in existence to repurchase [swatch].
Sinful Colors Kommotion | There was something about this polish I really couldn't get along with, possibly a texture issue [swatch].
Models Own Juicy Jules | The blingiest polish I own, it had completely dried up. I don't have a glitter suspension base to add to glitters to make them useable either. Models Own aren't in business anymore and so can't repurchase [swatch]

Superdrug Acetone Free Remover | Did the job, I'd repurchase again.
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil Black / Brown | Very basic but if you can sharpen it the tip can be small enough to draw single eyebrow hairs.
Chap Stick - Flava Craze | I really like chap stick balms, they aren't too dry and waxy and do what they are supposed to do. I would repurchase this.
Wild Deodorant Toffee Apple | This scent is sweet and apple, it works well as a deodorant on me and I would repurchase this scent.
Lush Movis Face Soap | The texture of this is soft and gritty, it is slightly exfoliating. It quickly melted and so I wouldn't repurchase.

Yankee Christmas Eve Votive | I didn't notice a scent throw to this, wouldn't repurchase.
The Perfume People Losing Cherry | Scent dupe for Tom Ford Lost Cherry, I liked this and would repurchase.
Satya Black Champa | The scent on this was like a very strong soap, mixed with standard Nag Champa. Too strong of a scent for me so won't repurchase.


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