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10 March 2024

Empties: February 2024

Nails Inc Nail Kale Nail Bright | I don't know if this did anything for strengthening or enhancing my nails. It was a shimmer wash over the nails but not something I would repurchase.
Glisten and Glow Ridge Filling Base Coat | I think this did make my polish look smoother on my nails and would purchase a similar product if not this one.
L'Occitane Sparkling Leaves Hand Cream | I got this free with purchase, it was a very lightly moisturising hand cream with a slightly citrus scent. Not one I would purchase.
L'Occitane Amande Hand Cream | Again this was free with purchase, this is a lightly moisturising hand cream with an almond scent. I would repurchase this if I didn't have two 150ml tubes already. Its a good one for daytime as sinks in quickly.

Superdrug Cherry Almond Conditioner | A very light conditioner, smells like Alpro Cherry yoghurt, and would repurchase.
CurlSmith Double Cream Deep Quencher Conditioner | A very heavy, intense conditioner which I liked for after clarifying. The scent is very strong and does linger in your hair. If this came in a different type of bottle and wasn't so expensive I might consider purchasing the full one.
Lush Veganese Conditioner | I have used this before but it came in a bottle rather than a tub. I don't like tubs for something like this as it gets water in from the shower. The scent was lemon and it is a light conditioner. I'd not repurchase this.

Above and Beyond Refillable Lip Balm Vanilla | I like the idea of this as I do get though lip balm. It was a nice formula and I will repurchase refills once I've used up what I have.
Jelly Belly Very Cherry Lip Balm | Scent of this was cherry, the formula was good too and I used it up. Would repurchase.
Heart's Love Japanese Doll Lip Balm | As cute as these lip balms are the formula is bad, it tastes like Vaseline and the formula feels like it too. Not a repurchase.
Impulse Tropical Beach and Espresso Spray | This was okay had a good spray to it, but not my favourite scent or one I would repurchase.
Luxenoa Santala Candle | For a small candle this had a good scent throw to it, very much a typical masculine aftershave scent to it.