30 November 2011

Tutorial: Reindeer

Last year I attempted some reindeer nail art, this year I have changed things up especially the colours so it should show up better. I intentionally used all ELF nail polishes which worked well. Thought I would share what I did...

So this gif might not make it clear what I did which is why I am going to explain a little more

Start off with a base, I used ELF innocent

Used ELF smoky brown to add a splodge

Used smoky brown again for the ears

Then I used ELF brown for the antlers 

With ELF white I dabbed on some eyes

With ELF Mod Mauve I dabbed on some glowy cheeks

Using the brown polish I painted on a nose shaped blob

Finally using ELF black I dotted on some eyes

And of course on one of my nails I just had to use ELF light red for a red nose
(who looks worse for wear, too much eggnog perhaps?)

Using a lighter base meant that my design showed up so much better than my 2010 version!

29 November 2011

52 Week Challenge: Week 9

Week 9's challenge was 'rainbow' and it was a challenge!

Thumb: Essence - Let's Get Lost
Index: ELF - Fluorescent Pink
Middle: ELF - Teal Blue
Ring: BeautyUK - Lilac Girl
Little: Collection 2000 - Hip Hop

All too bright for me so I ended up toning down the brightness with a little comic book action, thanks to the friendly nudge in the right direction from Sami!

Much better!

28 November 2011

Swatch: 17 - Magnetized Polish in Lilac

Please excuse the terrible paint job on this swatch, I did this at a friends house really quickly as I don't own this. Wish I did though as the colour is beautiful! Although I really wouldn't describe the colour as lilac.

27 November 2011

52 Week Challenge: Week 8

So I appear to be getting behind a touch with the challenge, I put that down to the wedding. I will keep going though so don't worry! The challenge for this week was 'taping' and while I didn't really tape I did use tape as part of the manicure so, I think it counts!

Base: 17 - Peacock
Red striping tape

Review: Garnier - BB Cream

Another BB Cream on the UK market, always good to have a range of products I think. Garnier have brought out their own version in light and medium. I am reviewing the sample version but I am pretty sure the formula is the same inside.

So this BB Cream claims to give you perfect skin, even out your skin tone, make you glow and blurs imperfections and smooths fine lines. Also has a SPF15 in it.

What do I think?
I still think that BB Creams are over hyped but putting that to the side...
+ Light to medium coverage, more than a standard tinted moisturiser
+ Easy to apply without streaking or going patchy
+ SPF even in England is still useful
+ Evens skin tone

- Range of colours isn't vast, the light isn't light enough and there isn't even a darker toned one
- Coverage isn't going to cover perfect skin
- Makes you 'glow' too much, needed a powder to stop the shine and set it

Final Thoughts
I like how this is quite idiot proof, you can slap it on without really engaging your brain. Yes you won't look flawless but for day-to-day wear on good skin days its great. However for £9.99 for 50ml I think there are better foundation products out there for that price. 

I much prefer the Skin79 one, its less yellow and lighter toned so suits me more, besides its about £6!

6 / 10

£9.99 - 50ml

26 November 2011

Comparison: Revlon Colorstay - Ivory V's Rimmel 25 Hr - Ivory

This was requested by Terri, a very good question was asked

"How do the two ivory shades compare?"

While the photo isn't overly clear in my opinion revlon colorstay - ivory is a much lighter pink undertoned foundation. The rimmel lasting finish - ivory is a darker colour and is yellow undertoned.

Swatches of Rimmel 25h Lasting Finish in five shades: here
Review of Rimmel 25h Lasting Finish Foundation: here
Tutorial on how to make your Revlon colorstay in to a pump action foundation: here

25 November 2011

Review: Lush - Snowglobe Soap

They say ~ Although this is a refreshing citrus soap, it has a different blend of sharper citrus oils to give you an invigorating wash morning or night. We've used organic lemon myrtle for a fresh, slightly herbal citrus note, and lemon grass to complement the fragrance. This soap goes perfectly in a bath cocktail with Uluru, Avobath or You've Been Mangoed to shake the cobwebs off your tired brain.

I say ~ Love this soap! I didn't think much of it originally as I got it as a freebie but when I opened and used this the scent is lovely, along the lines of minty, peppermint with a little mango. It isn't drying at all and the scent lingers on your hands for a while which is always nice.

If this product comes out again, as it was a 2010 Christmas item I will be purchasing a nice chunk of this!

10 / 10


24 November 2011

Nails: Snowflake

Embracing winter, fairly easy to do and looks much more sparkly to the eye than in the photo.

23 November 2011

Nails: Robotic

Base: NYX - Robotic
French: NYX - Purple Ink
Stamp: BM 208
Stamping Polish: Nails Inc - Electric Teal

21 November 2011

Review: Jeunesse - Amore Rose Masque

Jeunesse Say
"Renowned for its cleansing and super hydrating properties, delicate Damask Rose is infused with Africa’s miracle Marula oil to rid of anti-oxidants and seriously moisturise. Then the Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter join forces to soften and smooth for enviable silky skin. The lovely fresh floral fragrance is a damask delight"

What do I think?
+ I like the new opening tab, makes things easier and less messy
+ Easy to apply, didn't dry too quickly so I could spread it about
+ Left my skin smooth, soft, and cleansed
+ Easy to get 2 - 3 applications from one sachet

- Overpowering rose scent (although I don't like rose scent)
- Claims to be very moisturising but I still needed to use a moisturiser afterwards

5 / 10

20 November 2011

Nails: Purple Giraffe Print

Base: ELF - Purple Dream
Stamp: BM 208
Stamping Polish: ELF - Black

Anyone else think this looks a little like a giraffe print?

19 November 2011

Review: Sleek - Creme to Powder Foundation

Sleek say
"A full coverage smooth concealing foundation. The oil-free emulsion transforms into a flawless and matte powder finish. Apply the foundation all over the face to achieve a natural flawless look"

What do I think?
+ The packaging is really nice and sleek, and has a handy compartment for a sponge and a good sized mirror for on the go

+ Sleek do have a good shade range, 17 in this foundation

+ Use-able for under eye concealer for dark circles

- I cannot find a way to apply this which works for me, I've tried all sorts of foundation brushes, sponges (dry and damp) don't even try and use the one provided! The best finish I can achieve is when using my fingers

- Not very good on skin with any visible pores, dry patches or wrinkles as it sticks and goes all flaky or settles in the lines and pores. Very easy to cake on, which is not a good look

Final Thoughts - I'd only recommend you buy this once you have tried a tester. 

2 / 10

£7.30 - 9g

18 November 2011

Nails: Half Moons

No.7 - Violetta
Rimmel - Hard Edged

17 November 2011

Attempting Creativity - Nothing

I recently got creative and made up two 'daft' birthday gifts for family members. I thought they were quite amusing although I did put bubble wrap inside which technically means they aren't jars of nothing but lets just ignore that!

What do you think?

16 November 2011

Swatch: Kleancolor - Holo Chrome (94)

I have no idea why this polish is called holo chrome because clearly while it is a holo it isn't a chrome colour!

I do like this polish, although it does seem a little bit scary on my nails which is why I have painted a black tip on. Holo's are quite special I think.

Finish: Holographic, more of a lilac than a chrome
Opacity: Four coats needed, better for layering
Brush Type: Flat and wide, not as wide as OPI
Scent: Quite Potent!

You like?

15 November 2011

52 Week Challenge: Week 7

The challenge this week was to come up with a manicure based on a tutorial 

I chose a frenchy dot tutorial as explained by Leslie from polishartaddiction

Sleek - Poisoned Ivy (green)
Sleek - Royalty (red)
Sleek - Oxford (blue)

GretalRabbit is also doing this challenge, if you want to see what she came up with click here

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