31 December 2012

Nail Polish: Battle of the Polishes - Glitters

Just a quick battle tonight, we have standard glitters and a out right winner

 ELF - Glitter Glam, ELF - Golden Goddess, Models Own - Magenta, W7 - Red Dazzle, W7 - Green Dazzle, W7 - Blue Dazzle, Models Own - Purple Haze, Saffron - 9 

The winner is Models Own - Purple Haze, purely because it is purple!

Nail Polish: Battle of the Duochrome

Lots of W7 making this round along with Fantasy Fire
W7 - Metallic Saturn , Accesorize - Aztec, Essence - Chic Reloaded, W7 - Metallic Mars , W7 - Metallic Venus , Max Factor - Fantasy Fire, W7 - Metallic Mercury , W7 - Metallic Jupiter 

I had a damaged bottle of Fantasy Fire and ended up putting that along with a back up in a empty bottle. That made the cut along with W7's Metallic Jupiter which is a nice dark petrol on water tone and Essence's Chic Reloaded which is a subtle, more wearable duochome.

And the winner is, surprisingly not Fantasy Fire! W7 has mastered the 'petrol on water' polish and I really like this and when I wear it I am always looking at my nails and wiggling my fingers to see the duochrome change.

30 December 2012

Nail Polish: Battle of the Pastels

Collection 2000 - French Tip White, W7 - Polar White, Barry M - Matte White, Sally Hansen - Lavender Cloud, Revlon - Cloud, W7 - Sheer Lemon, Angels Delight, Sally Hansen - First Kiss, ELF - Innocent, Eyeko - Rain, Eyeko - Vintage, ELF - Mint, ELF - Lilac, Sally Hansen - Delphinium 

So first round we have to get 14 polishes down to just four. Me being me I don't particularly have a preference for light polishes! I adore Sally Hansen's Lavender Cloud, it is opaque in two coats and is perfect for those winter nail designs.

However I seem over the past year to have used an awful lot of ELF's Innocent and that is why it is making it through to the next round.

The winner of the battle is Barry M's Matte White, and while I have used a lot of Innocent Matte White wins (just) because it is good for stamping as well as a base for nail designs!

29 December 2012

Nail Polish: Battle of the Polishes - Neons

Not being too much of a fan of neons this round was quick and the winner easily decided on.

ELF - Yellow, Collection 2000 - Sherbert Lemon, Color Club - Almost Famous, Miss Sporty - 306, ELF -  Mango Madness, ELF - Fire Coral, Color Club - Wham Pow, Color Club - Poptastic, Color Club - Warhol, Color Club - Mrs Robinson, Color Club -  Twiggie, W7 - Fluroescent Green

I had to choose three and so easily ended up with the following:

Not being a fan of the neon, I didn't have much of an opinion. In the end Wham Pow won because Mrs Robinson needs multiple coats to reach the right opacity  Wham Pow is neon, can be a one coater and is incredible vibrant.

28 December 2012

Nail Polish: Battle of the Greens

For some unknown reason I have quite a selection of green polishes! Green isn't even a favourite colour of mine, so this was quite a surprise even though I sit and look at my polishes most days when choosing what to paint on my nails.

 ELF - Teal Blue, Kleancolor - Metallic Green, MUA - Green, Maxfactor - Graffiti,  Yes Love - 408, 17 - Peacock, Rimmel - Camouflage  Nails Inc - Electric Teal, Miss Sporty - Rain Drops, Barry M - Racing Green, Sleek - Poison Ivy, Models Own - Emerald Black, W7 - Metallic Neptune, NYX - Robotic, OPI - Unripened

Thinning down the 15 polishes wasn't as difficult as I imagined as Yes Love - 408 and 17 - Peacock Green are dupes. Models Own - Emerald Green and W7 - Metallic Neptune are dupes and NYX - Robotic and OPI - Unripened are dupes also.

Making the final four were ELF - Teal Blue, Max Factor - Graffiti, Miss Sporty - Rain Drops and W7 - Metallic Neptune. Teal Blue is a really sturdy teal cremé which holds its own in a world of glitters and shimmers which vie for attention.

Another battle round and making the final two were Max Factor - Graffiti which is a beautiful glass flecked mid green and W7 - Metallic Neptune, which is a black green duochrome, similar to a common black ground beetles back.

The winner is the blackened green, how could a blackened shade not win! W7 - Metallic Neptune in all it's duochrome amazingness. What is there not to like!


Winter Holiday Challenge: New Years Eve

Final challenge for the Winter Holiday Challenge. This time it's something a little blingy if you like, for New Year's Eve.

Base Polish: LaFemme - Aubergine
Stamping Polish: Ebalay - Rose Gold 004
Glitter Polish: ELF - Golden Goddess
Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster 316

27 December 2012

Nail Polish: Battle of the Pinks

For someone who isn't a fan of pink I sure seem to have a lot of them!

ELF - Gum Pink, ELF - Fluorescent Pink, ELF - Hot Pink,  Barry M - Buzz, ELF - Punk Purple, Kleancolor - Metallic Pink, ELF -  Mod Mauve, ELF - Fuschia, ELF - Purple Pleaser, Kleancolor - Metallic Fuschia, Max Factor - Plum, ELF - Rosy Raisin, Sally Hansen - Royal Romance

First round was easy, whittling down to three polishes. Hot pink is vibrant and out there, Mod Mauve is understated and bland but works as a good base polish.

And the winner is... Max Factor's Plum. While the other two are great base polishes, Plum you can wear alone. Gorgeous cream polish.

26 December 2012

Nail Polish: Battle of the Purples

As I have so many purples I've broken this down to two parts

Barry M - Berry Ice Cream, Color Club - Pucciliscious, Ylim Mood - #15, China Glaze - Grape Pop, Barry M - Dusky Mauve, Miss Sporty - 330, Max Factor - Meteorite  ELF - Party Purple, ELF - Royal Purple, Barry M - Indigo

Cutting those down to three was not an easy task! A vibrant lilac, creamy, neon Pucci-Liscious. Dusky Mauve which is a really nice polish at first glance its a bit of a boring greige but it as this purple shimmer running through it. makes it special.

Barry M Indigo wins hands down, it's very vibrant and always perks me up while I am wearing it.

Second half of the purples...
Stargazer - Purple Chrome, Ciaté - Wait After Dark, Barry M - Blackberry, Stargazer - 161, No.7 - Violetta, OPI - Honk if you Love OPI, Rimmel - Hard Edged, Models Own - Purple Mystique, Rimmel - Night Before, ELF - Plum, Orly - Fowl Play, NYX - Purple Ink, ELF - Party Purple, ELF - Dark Purple Glitter, OPI - Nevermore

Got those purples down to four and added in the Indigo from before.

Final three are Barry M - Indigo, Orly - Fowl Play and NYX - Purple Ink

And finally the winner is, NYX! Very difficult to choose, ended up with this as Fowl Play is a flakie which stunning but I prefer something a little more versatile. The NYX can be worn alone or with nail art so that's why it got picked.