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28 October 2021

Halloween Nails: Pumpkins and Ghosties

Base Polish | Barry M - Chai Latte
Metallic Polish | Avon - Frosted Peach
Orange Accent | Color Club - Wham Pow!
Green Accent | Aj Nails - Peacock
White Accent | W7 - White 34
Stamping Polish | Beauty Big Bang 002


25 June 2021

Nail Polish Swatch: Aj Nails Collection - Peacock

After realising last year I didn't have a yellow neon polish and resolving that I saw I lacked a neon green. I wanted one which was vegan and cruelty free as well as not needing white undies. Peacock did meet all of those specifications.

[Indoors, No Flash]

Colour | Neon Green
Finish | Neon, Demi Matte
Opacity | Three Coats
Brush Type | Standard
How Much | 10ml

Cruelty Free
10 Free - Non-Toxic

[Indoors, Flash]

[Daylight, No Flash]


27 September 2013

28 December 2012

Nail Polish: Battle of the Greens

For some unknown reason I have quite a selection of green polishes! Green isn't even a favourite colour of mine, so this was quite a surprise even though I sit and look at my polishes most days when choosing what to paint on my nails.

 ELF - Teal Blue, Kleancolor - Metallic Green, MUA - Green, Maxfactor - Graffiti,  Yes Love - 408, 17 - Peacock, Rimmel - Camouflage  Nails Inc - Electric Teal, Miss Sporty - Rain Drops, Barry M - Racing Green, Sleek - Poison Ivy, Models Own - Emerald Black, W7 - Metallic Neptune, NYX - Robotic, OPI - Unripened

Thinning down the 15 polishes wasn't as difficult as I imagined as Yes Love - 408 and 17 - Peacock Green are dupes. Models Own - Emerald Green and W7 - Metallic Neptune are dupes and NYX - Robotic and OPI - Unripened are dupes also.

Making the final four were ELF - Teal Blue, Max Factor - Graffiti, Miss Sporty - Rain Drops and W7 - Metallic Neptune. Teal Blue is a really sturdy teal cremé which holds its own in a world of glitters and shimmers which vie for attention.

Another battle round and making the final two were Max Factor - Graffiti which is a beautiful glass flecked mid green and W7 - Metallic Neptune, which is a black green duochrome, similar to a common black ground beetles back.

The winner is the blackened green, how could a blackened shade not win! W7 - Metallic Neptune in all it's duochrome amazingness. What is there not to like!


27 November 2011

52 Week Challenge: Week 8 - Taping

The challenge for this week was 'taping' and I used tape as part of the manicure so, I think it counts!

Base: 17 - Peacock
Red striping tape