31 October 2012

ABC Nail Challenge: H is for Houndstooth

I originally did this for the D nail challenge, however as soon as I finished it dawned on me the pattern is houndstooth NOT dogstooth... Not one to be defeated I'm using it for the H Challenge!

Base Coat: Barry M - Blue Plum
Stamping Polish: Barry M - Matte White
Stamping Plates: Bundle Monster 04 + 322

Halloween Nail Challenge: Nail Craze Replication

This is the last challenge from the Halloween Nail Challenge being held by Nail Tarts. Replicate your favourite design, well I really liked a lot of the designs I have seen. I ended up choosing to copy a witch design done by Nail Craze with Dayze.

Base Polish: Color Club - Wham Pow!

29 October 2012

Nails: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I hope that everyone is aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but everyone has to learn at some point which is why I have created these nails. 

Yes the awareness ribbon is the wrong colour but there is only so much pink one manicure can have!

Gradient Polishes: Color Club - Warhol + Poptastic
Stamping Polish: W7 - Black
Stamping Plates: Bundle Monster 310, 321 + 324

28 October 2012

Stamping Sunday: Birthday Plate

Cute kitty paws

Base Polish: Max Factor - Intense Plum
Stamping Polish: George Molton - Metal Party Animal
Stamping Plate: B18


27 October 2012

Halloween Nail Challenge: Inspired by a Horror Movie

Let's imagine that I was inspired by Japanese Horror movies, they usually do have a spooky long black hair. Look at The Ring franchise for example. I used vaguely used a Robin Moses tutorial which was based on some Ana Cruz art work.

Sat-ART-Day Challenge: Halloween

Halloween nails, I have already done so many halloween inspired nails this month so thought it might be fun to try something a touch different. Day of the Dead inspired, yes it is a little bit early but I have been having a bit of Sugar Skull inspired fun, more of that to come on 1st November...

Base Polish: Barry M - Matte White
Stamping Polishes: Kleancolor - Metallic Green, Metallic Red, Metallic Sapphire,
Stargazer - Metallic Lilac
Stamping Plates: Bundle Monster - 310, 315, 317, 321, 325

26 October 2012

Review: ELF - Luscious Liquid Lipstick: Ruby Slipper

One of ELF's many luscious liquid lipsticks, this in the colour Ruby Slipper.

This actually has a little pigment whereas some of the others in this range are more of a clear lipgloss. A mid red colour with a golden flecked shimmer to it.

This should show one thin layer of the lipstick. Colour does build up and hopefully you will be able to see the golden shimmer.

It lasts moderately well, not something to come off within five minutes but again not going to last hours.

Scent is typical of the core range ELF products, a odd mint vanilla combination.

I would repurchase this colour option (I possibly already have), this along with Cherry Tart which is very similar to this other than the golden shimmer.

£1.50 - 1.5g

25 October 2012

Halloween Nail Challenge: Blood Splatter

Blood splatter / gore was the challenge over on Nail Tart's today. I did hope this would have turned out better, I ended up having to tweek the colours to get the blood looking more blood like rather than jam. Photo editing is not something I usually do, simply watermark it and thats it.

Bloody enough?
Base Polish: Sally Hansen - Lavender Cloud
Stamping Polish: Eyeko - Saucy
Stamping Plates: Bundle Monster 202 + 301

I also used some fake blood

Swatch: No.7 - Violetta

This is as close to colour accurate I could get, it is a deep violet shade rather than leaning towards blue. As with most of the No.7 polishes this is a very pigmented polish and as such is good for stamping with. The brush is nice and flat and wide, the bottles have changed recently and as such the brushes may ave changed.

24 October 2012

ABC Nail Challenge: G is for Ghoulish

G is for Ghoulish, so I may be pushing it a little with the Ghoulish theme here but I just had to share these nails. This is part of the ABC Nail Challenge being done over at Llama Nails. Originally they were to be entered in a competition but I must not have done enough stamping for that. Anyhow, on to the nails...

Anyone remember these?

Meg and Mog was originally a set of childrens books, but apparently later on it was turned into a cartoon. I must be a bit old to have known about the cartoon but I do remember the books.

23 October 2012

Review: Lush - Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

"The design was created by our Newcastle shop manager who wanted a bubble bar to perk her up in preparation for her night down the “toon”. She put a lovely yellow crescent moon on top of a blue sky because in Newcastle when the moon is shining, it’s time to go out! For most people though, the moon means sleepy time. Simon Constantine created a beautifully feminine jasmine and ylang ylang perfume, which is fantastic for calming and relaxing you and inspiring confidence. On Christmas Eve children find it difficult to sleep while Father Christmas could be flying around in his sleigh delivering presents and they don’t want to miss him. Use one to send them to sleep"

I didn't actually realise this was created in Newcastle! A nice little snippet of information there. With the name you would be right in assuming that this is a limited edition item from Lush, this is for Christmas. It has been coming out for christmas for a couple of years and am crossing my fingers that it will be again for 2012! EDIT: Yes this has come out for 2012! 

As this is a bubble bar I crumbled it up under a running hot tap and it made so many bubbles and the scent was really of jasmine and nice and womanly. This would work equally as well halved but I needed cheering up and so used the whole thing.

I didn't cocktail this, didn't need to as along with all the bubbles it scented the water and also made it go a lovely light purple shade. I didn't fall asleep after using, then again I haven't been excited as a child on Christmas in some time!

The scent didn't linger too long on my skin, didn't dry it out (or leave it oily) and thankfully there was no glitter or pieces of flower left in the bath afterwards making clean up simple. Looks a little bit different this year:
[photo credit: Lush UK]

Would repurchase again (and again)!

Recommend to people who like bubbles and feminine jasmine scents.

£2.95 - Lush

Halloween Nail Challenge: Pumpkins

Todays challenge over at Nail Tart's is pumpkins. Yes I totally tried to copy some of the nail art which the talented Robin Moses did, unfortunately I am no where near as talented and now half my pumpkins look cute where as I was going for evil!

Base Polish: ELF - Black
Holo Top Coat: Jessica - Holographic Topcoat

22 October 2012

Monkey See Monkey Do: Cherries

I saw these nails on Crumpet's Nail Tarts done by JustJade Bar. While I like these nails the original are far better, and I will be trying again to get them right. I thought I'd use a holographic base, shouldn't have tried being clever. Original nails can be seen here.

Base Polish: A England - Bridal Veil

21 October 2012

Sunday Stamping: Halloween

A lot of Halloween themed nails recently and today is no different! 

Base Polish: W7 - Metallic Mars
Stamping Polish: Stamping White
Stamping Plates: Bundle Monster 04 + 221

20 October 2012

Sat-ART-Day Challenge: Frogs

This took way too long to do, got totally distracted doing this. All done with acrylic paints.
Supposed to be a frog but not sure it worked in the slightest...

19 October 2012

Review: Nail Art - Steel Balls - Caviar / Fishegg

These steel balls have been in my 'to review' pile for well over six months now. Sometimes its easier to blog nails than write coherently and fully review a product. So seeing as I have had these for so long I can answer any questions!

 I got this set of twelve coloured mini steel balls from BuyInCoins they were packaged well and arrived within three weeks as most of the orders do which I have placed with them.

The individual jars came encased in a plastic tray / holder which I found useful for catching the balls when pouring them over my wet nails.

Colours aren't guarenteed, you get what you get. No duplicates in my set, there were a jar of clear and a jar of silver which do look similar in the jar but on the nail not so much.

For less than 20p a jar I would recommend these steel balls. Not only are they a lot cheaper than that other branded 'caviar' nail kits bu they are nice for using singularly rather than covering the whole of the nail.

The polish is W7 Mercury and this picture actually shows the duo chrome shift really well. All I did was paint  my nails, then straight after I dipped my finger in to the beads and then sprinkled more over the places I had missed. Use a top coat to seal the tip but not the whole nail otherwise you will spoil the effect.


What do you think of the textured nail look?

£2.24 - BuyInCoins.com

18 October 2012

Halloween Nail Challenge: Bump In The Night

Things which go bump in the night was the challenge of the day, and what goes 'bump in the night'? Well it's more about the unknown, and that is what I have done for today. Unknown random eyes peeking at you.

The thought of waking up and being looked at is completely terrifying!

 Base Polish: Color Club - Twiggy

Swatch: Yes Love - 408

I was brought this nail polish back from Majorca, if anyone knows anything about the brand let me know.

408 is a teal coloured polish with a glass flecked shimmer running it. You will need a topcoat with this as otherwise it is a little gritty.