31 October 2012

ABC Nail Challenge: H is for Houndstooth

Base Coat: Barry M - Blue Plum
Stamping Polish: Barry M - Matte White
Stamping Plates: Bundle Monster 04 + 322

Halloween Nail Challenge: Nail Craze Replication

This is the last challenge from the Halloween Nail Challenge being held by Nail Tarts. Replicate your favourite design, well I really liked a lot of the designs I have seen. I ended up choosing to copy a witch design done by Nail Craze with Dayze.

Base Polish: Color Club - Wham Pow!

29 October 2012

Nails: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Yes the awareness ribbon is the wrong colour but there is only so much pink one manicure can have!

Gradient Polishes: Color Club - Warhol + Poptastic
Stamping Polish: W7 - Black
Stamping Plates: Bundle Monster 310, 321 + 324

28 October 2012

Stamping Sunday: Birthday Plate

Cute kitty paws

Base Polish: Max Factor - Intense Plum
Stamping Polish: George Molton - Metal Party Animal
Stamping Plate: B18

27 October 2012

Halloween Nail Challenge: Inspired by a Horror Movie

Let's imagine that I was inspired by Japanese Horror movies, they usually do have a spooky long black hair. Look at The Ring franchise for example. I used vaguely used a Robin Moses tutorial which was based on some Ana Cruz art work.

Sat-ART-Day Challenge: Halloween

Halloween nails, I have already done so many halloween inspired nails this month so thought it might be fun to try something a touch different. Sugar Skull inspired.

Base Polish: Barry M - Matte White
Stamping Polishes: Kleancolor - Metallic Green, Metallic Red, Metallic Sapphire,
Stargazer - Metallic Lilac
Stamping Plates: Bundle Monster - 310, 315, 317, 321, 325

25 October 2012

Halloween Nail Challenge: Blood Splatter

Blood splatter / gore was the challenge over on Nail Tart's today. I did hope this would have turned out better, I ended up having to tweek the colours to get the blood looking more blood like rather than jam. 

Bloody enough?
Base Polish: Sally Hansen - Lavender Cloud
Stamping Polish: Eyeko - Saucy
Stamping Plates: Bundle Monster 202 + 301

I also used some fake blood

Swatch: No.7 - Violetta

This is as close to colour accurate I could get, it is a deep violet shade rather than leaning towards blue. As with most of the No.7 polishes this is a very pigmented polish and as such is good for stamping with. The brush is nice and flat and wide, the bottles have changed recently and as such the brushes may have changed.

24 October 2012

ABC Nail Challenge: G is for Ghoulish

G is for Ghoulish, so I may be pushing it a little with the Ghoulish theme here but I just had to share these nails. This is part of the ABC Nail Challenge being done over at Llama Nails. Originally they were to be entered in a competition but I must not have done enough stamping for that. Anyhow, on to the nails...

Anyone remember these?

Meg and Mog was originally a set of children's books, but apparently later on it was turned into a cartoon. I must be a bit old to have known about the cartoon but I do remember the books.

23 October 2012

Halloween Nail Challenge: Pumpkins

I totally tried to copy some of the nail art which the talented Robin Moses did, unfortunately I am no where near as talented and now half my pumpkins look cute where as I was going for evil!

Base Polish: ELF - Black
Holo Top Coat: Jessica - Holographic Topcoat

22 October 2012

Monkey See Monkey Do: Cherries

I saw these nails on Crumpet's Nail Tarts done by JustJade Bar. While I like these nails the original are far better, and I will be trying again to get them right. I thought I'd use a holographic base, shouldn't have tried being clever. Original nails can be seen here.

Base Polish: A England - Bridal Veil

21 October 2012

Sunday Stamping: Halloween

A lot of Halloween themed nails recently and today is no different! 

Base Polish: W7 - Metallic Mars
Stamping Polish: Stamping White
Stamping Plates: Bundle Monster 04 + 221

20 October 2012

Sat-ART-Day Challenge: Frogs

Supposed to be a frog but not sure it worked in the slightest.

18 October 2012

Halloween Nail Challenge: Bump In The Night

Things which go bump in the night was the challenge of the day, and what goes 'bump in the night'? Well it's more about the unknown, and that is what I have done for today. Unknown random eyes peeking at you.

The thought of waking up and being looked at is completely terrifying!

 Base Polish: Color Club - Twiggy

Swatch: Yes Love - 408

I was brought this nail polish back from Majorca, if anyone knows anything about the brand let me know.

408 is a teal coloured polish with a glass flecked shimmer running it. You will need a topcoat with this as otherwise it is a little gritty.

17 October 2012

ABC Nail Challenge: F is for Filigree

This is the ABC Nail Challenge, being run over on Llama Nails.Where once a week we are to interpret the letter of the week.

Letter F - Filigree
  Base Polish: OPI - Unripened
Stamping Polish: Stargazer - Silver Chrome
Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster 314

16 October 2012

Halloween Challenge: Freestyle

Not impressed with my stamping skills today but seeing as old spider webs with dust on aren't perfect looking I went with it.

15 October 2012

Nails: Monkey See, Monkey Do - Spider Webs

I saw this within the past month and had to try it myself.

I have totally lost where I saw it though! Please tell me if this was you, or if you know who it was. I'm sure it was on Facebook where I saw it.

Lots of different stamped spiders and their webs.

Swatch: Barry M - Gelly Hi Shine - Plum

Swatch Barry-M-Gelly-Plum

Colour: Dark Purple
Finish: Cremé
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Standard
How Much: 10ml

13 October 2012

Sat-ART-Day Challenge: 1950's

1950's Nails were the challenge, I did some half moon nails. 

I was intending to do a brighter red but this one in the bottle is unfortunately misleading!

Leighton Denny - Forbidden Territory
Leighton Denny - Leading Lady

Nails: World Hospice and Palliative Care Day

This Hospice Care Week, local hospices are asking people to declare: 'I am hospice care'.

"Hospice care is not about buildings. It is about people and communities – from the people who support and work in partnership with their local hospices, to the patients, friends and families who rely on them. Together, we are all hospice care. Whether you have a connection to your local hospice or not, pledge your support during Hospice Care Week and tell the world that ‘I am hospice care’"BeSuprised.com

As for the actual nails which I have worn for the photo I have used OPI - William Tell Me About OPI to stamp the awareness ribbons on the ring finger as burgundy is the appropriate coloured ribbon for this. 

11 October 2012

Halloween Nail Challenge: Witches

Base Polishes: Barry M - Gelly Blackberry + Hare - Midsummers Midnight
Stamping Polish: Stargazer - Silver Chrome
Stamping Plates: Bundle Monster - 209 + 316

Swatch: Hits - Dionisio

The holographic of this seemed to be quite sparse, very pretty though and I will be wearing it time and time again. I think it may be better to use more than one coat of the polish. 
In the photos I layered it over Barry M Indigo. 


10 October 2012

ABC Nail Challenge: E is for Evil

Base Polish: Leighton Denny - Take a Bow
Stamping Polish: W7 - Black
Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster 305

9 October 2012

Halloween Nail Challenge: Zombies

Base Polish: Primark - Glo Baby Glo
Stamping Polishes: W7 - Black, Kleancolor - Metallic Red
Stamping Plates: B37

7 October 2012

Sunday Stamping: Metallics

Base Polish: Kleancolor - Metallic Pink (158)
Stamping Polish: Kleancolor - Metallic Black (168)
Stamping Plate: Konad - Q1

6 October 2012

Sat-ART-Day Challenge: Tarts

I am part of a nail art group, Crumpet's Nail Tarts, the first challenge was tarts.

Tart, anyone?

4 October 2012

Swatch: Leighton Denny - Leading Lady

Opacity: Three coats needed
Brush Type: Normal
Finish: Cremé
Amount: 12ml
Price: £11

Halloween Nail Challenge: Black Cats

3 October 2012

52 Week Challenge: Black

October is Depression Awareness month, in America. The UK doesn't have an awareness month, just a single week which was April 17–24. Raising awareness is never a bad thing.

The nails which I have done are supposed to represent the darkness of depression, black, dark, messy, imperfect. Foggy, unclear thinking. The matte finish because there is nothing shiny to be found. Imprinted with a fingerprint as it can be hard to know who you are under all the black fog.

"At least one person in every six  becomes depressed in the course of their lives. One in 20 is clinically depressed. Figures suggest that it is women more than men who become depressed, but men may find it harder to admit to or talk about their experience. All age groups can be affected, and it’s important to take symptoms seriously and not to dismiss them as an inevitable part of growing up or growing old. By recognising and treating the symptoms and getting help, it’s possible to overcome depression, and prevent it coming back"

1 October 2012

Halloween Challenge: Trick or Treat!

First challenge from the Crumpet's Halloween 2012 Nail Challenge.

Thought I would go for a orange water marble, only my third attempt and there is a few dodgy bits but still looks quite 'trick or treat' I think.

Color Club: Wham Pow!
Sally Hansen: First Kiss