30 July 2018

Swatch: OPI - Snow Glad I Met You


Colour: White
Finish: Frost
Opacity: Three Coats Shown
How Much? 3.75ml

26 July 2018

Swatch: Models Own - Chrome Green


Colour: Green
Finish: Metallic
Opacity: Three Coats
Brush Type: Standard
How Much? 8ml

25 July 2018

Review: MoYou - Clear Stamp and Scraper*


This is a clear stamper for nail art stamping, which comes with clear stamping body, two jelly clear stamping heads and a plastic scraper.

Because it is clear this allows for exact placement of images, the body of the stamper is completely hollow and the stamping head being clear means placement isn't down to guess work.


Both of the heads are 22mm in diameter. I would describe them as being jelly in texture, with one softer than the other. A jelly stamper makes transferring an image across easy on my nails which have a strong C curve shape to them. It also means the stamping head wraps the image around your nail rather than having to roll it over the nail.

Overall I like this stamper, both the clear body and the clear stamping head makes image placement really easy. The scraper is made from hard plastic and won't damage your plates the way metal ones do.

Here is some nail art I have done using this stamper;



MoYou - Clear Stamp and Scraper

23 July 2018

Swatch: Nails Inc - Rocket My World


Colour - Turquoise
Finish - Metallic
Opacity - Two Coats
Brush Type: Flat, Wide, Rounded Cuticle
How Much - 14ml

21 July 2018

Stamping Plate: Born Pretty Store - BP-L078

I got this stamping plate because it is a larger sized one which is great for when I have long nails.

The stamping plate comes with a blue protective layer and is backed with thick white plastic. It comes in a cardboard sleeve.

All of the images stamped across really well, I think my favourite image would be the spider web.

Here is some nail art I have done using the plate;

[Blue Floral]

[Spider Webs]

Here are the rest of the nail art I have done using this plate.

Born Pretty Store