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5 May 2024

Shopping: April 2024

No polishes as such bought during April, I did place an order with Amazon for a medium horseshoe magnet to help create velvet style magnetic nails. The medium works for my nail length, finger and thumb widths. Also my go to MoYou black stamping polish.


8 November 2021

Nail Art: I Believe in Nail Polish

I saw some nail art by coloresdecarol and was inspired to try using my new plate to use;

Base Polish | A England - Virginia Woolf


2 August 2021

27 July 2021

Topic Tuesday: Favourite Polishes for Stamping

My favourite stamping polishes are;

- MoYou Special Nail Polish Black, this is an opaque polish which you need from a black.
- MoYou Special Nail Polish White, again an opaque polish, so works over dark polishes.
- Beauty Big Bang Nail Polish 002, I find this is the same opaque quality as the MoYou Black. I have been using this more recently and I like it too.


7 June 2021

Nail Art - Gradient Mermaid

Pink Polish | Barry M - Watermelon Juice
Glitter Polish | ELF - Fairy Dust
Stamping Polish | Beauty Big Bang 02
Stamping Plate | MoYou - 128


24 May 2021

Nail Art: Coffee Makes Me Smile

Holo Polish | Danglefoot Polish - I'm Gonna Wreck It
Stamping Plate | Born Pretty 91