29 May 2016

Make Up Collection: Brows

This storage draw contains eyebrow products. I don't have too many but as my hair dye fades from black to brown I do need a couple of different options depending on that stage.

I Heart Make Up Brow - Bold Is Best
Freedom Makeup - Eyebrow Pomade - Ebony
MUA - Eyeshadow Single - Matte Brown Shade 19
Freedom Makeup - Duo Brow Powder - Ash Brown
Rimmel - Eyebrow Pencil - Black Brown
Rimmel - Eyebrow Pencil - Dark Brown


28 May 2016

Stamping Plate: MoYou Nails - 419 (Love Hearts)*


This rectangle stamping plate is from MoYou and has 20 images on it. It has a plastic backing to protect you from sharp metal edges.

Review-MoYou-Nails-419-Love-Hearts Review-MoYou-Nails-419-Love-Hearts

All of the images stamped across, there are a range of bows, hearts, cupcake and a diamond images on the plate. The bows and hearts are also on the round stamping plate 105 by the brand.


I have used this plate in a couple of different nail art designs;

Cupid Nails

Cupcake Nails

Diamond Nails

MoYou Nails


27 May 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas: Hot Pink

Today I have hot pink nails along with a fluid line nail art design.


Base Polish: Color Club - Warhol

White Nail Art Striping Pen


26 May 2016

Swatch: Kiko - Violet Microglitter 255

This polish is stunning, I liked it so much it actually won my nail polish battle of 2015!


Colour: Dark Purple
Finish: Micro Holographic Glitter
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Flattened
How Much? 11ml


25 May 2016

Review: Lush - Shoot For The Stars

Review-Lush-Shoot-For-The-Stars"Paint the swirling colors of the night sky in your tub with this multicolored Bath Bomb. Drop it in your bath and watch as it shoots every which way, releasing multiple colors before leaving behind a blazing trail of silver luster. As the spinning and swirling orb comes to a standstill, enjoy the same sweet, honey-toffee scent as Honey I Washed The Kids soap, and the calming, shimmering midnight-blue water. A truly magnificent bomb to behold" - Lush

This bath bomb really lived up to its description in that it made the bath water turn in to a beautiful night sky. Reminded me of Van Gogh's painting The Starry Night.


I don't have too much to say about this, the photos speak a thousand words!


The water turned a beautiful purple colour and the glitter didn't stick to my skin afterwards. It was very much a visual bath bomb.


The scent was similar to Honey I Washed The Kids soap. I would repurchase this if it came out again.