30 December 2010

Review: Dotting Tool


I ordered these from eBay a while ago and have had plenty of time to try them out. I really like them because they give a much more precise dot than the sharpened pencil I was using before. Very cheap at £1.39 for frive including P&P and the different sizes are good too, doesn't make that much of a difference though.

Thought I ought to post some photos showing what you can do with these. You don't have to just do dots though, you can use it for moving the polish around on the nail in to other patterns.

29 December 2010

Nails: Glitter Matte Plum

ELF - Plum Polish
ELF - Matte Polish
ELF - Purple Party Polish

28 December 2010

Nails: Seasonal Crackle

Nails: Festive Bloopers!


So these three, pudding, present and snowman are all nail fails! Didn't turn out too well!
But as they say practice makes perfect!

Nails: Festive Snowflakes

This was quite strange as I was doing nail art on someone else's hands. It was so much more easier than doing it on myself though.

26 December 2010

Nails: Festive Snowmen and Glitter

I thought I would attempt something free handed again, I painted all of my nails with ELF's Metal Madness other than my two ring fingers. The design on my right ring finger is clearly more simple because I am not so good with my left hand. Perhaps practice as they say makes perfect?

22 December 2010

Nails: Festive Reindeer

I hope you like these, they didn't turn out perfect by any means!

I used the earring for was my inspiration.

20 December 2010

Tutorial: Nail Quills

Having seen the Illamasqua Nail Quills I quite liked the look, something a little bit different for the festive season. However £35 for two false nails is well out of my budget. Luckily Klaire de Lys has done a tutorial and now I have my very own set of Nail Quills for parties over the festive season.

I got two false nails and cut them so they fit my thumb nails exactly

Mark on the nails where if you had short nails they would come to, also mark the centre at the tip

Cut the angles

Paint the edges

Once you have painted a couple of coats of black and waited for that to dry then you need to stick some sticky tape on to create the silver shape

Paint a couple of coats of silver and once its dried remove the tape

All you have to do is wear them now!

19 December 2010

Nails: Festive Snowmen

My first attempt at painting false nails! I think they do need tidying up but my nail art pens are still in the post.

18 December 2010

Review: ELF - Black Bandit Shimmer Pencil


They say ~ Apply to the lash line alone, under or over eyeshadow as desired. Create a special occasion smoky eye by lining both upper and lower lash lines, blending and smudging out for a colourful, trendy eye look.

I say ~ I like how this pencil has an in built sharpener as I always can't find one when I need it. It is very creamy and goes on without dragging at all which is good. Its quite thick as well which means when it is smudged out it still is quite intense. The glitter is a nice silver colour, and isn't too intense very subtle.

£1.50 - 14g
Eyes Lips Face

17 December 2010

Nails: Festive Puddings

Festive Puds!

ELF - Pearl Polish
ELF - Smokey Brown Polish
ELF - Cranberry Polish
MUA - Shade 13

15 December 2010

Nails: Festive Snowflakes

ELF - Cranberry Polish
ELF - Pearl Polish
ELF - Metal Madness

14 December 2010

Review: Nail Art Brushes

Dotting Tool

Angled Brushes
Striper brushes

Flat top brushes

Another purchase from eBay, these were cheap which is just as well because I am far from artistic! You get 15 brushes in this pack and they all come in various sizes, and with different brushes you can get different effects. I am still struggling to do nail art on my right hand though because my left one just isn't as controlled.