9 October 2010

Nails: Matte Purple Pleaser

Elf Purple Pleaser and Elf Matte

The matte polish seems to be alright so far, and keeps them matte rather than going shiney quickly. Sure I will review it properly once I have had a bit of a play about with it.


  1. You have really nice nails on a whole I must say!
    Perfect for modelling your varnishes :D

  2. The color is pretty, but I'm not a fan of matte nails! They look kinda flat to me!

  3. @Samispoon Thank you! No one has ever complimented me on my nails before. You've made my week!

    @Stavroula This was my first attempt at using the matte, and i'm still not sure where I stand on it. It does look flat especially when used like this. Maybe its better for adding effects, like the matte french I tried, or black with matte polka dots lol!


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