9 October 2010

Nails: Matte Purple Pleaser

Elf Purple Pleaser and Elf Matte

The matte polish seems to be alright so far, and keeps them matte rather than going shiny quickly.


  1. You have really nice nails on a whole I must say!
    Perfect for modelling your varnishes :D

  2. The color is pretty, but I'm not a fan of matte nails! They look kinda flat to me!

  3. @Samispoon Thank you! No one has ever complimented me on my nails before. You've made my week!

    @Stavroula This was my first attempt at using the matte, and i'm still not sure where I stand on it. It does look flat especially when used like this. Maybe its better for adding effects, like the matte french I tried, or black with matte polka dots lol!


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