31 July 2014

GOT: Glitter

Golden Oldie Thursday is here again and today the prompt was glitter, I chose Barry M's Jewel Britannia which I got during August 2012. I think it was something to do with the Queen's Jubilee. This is a glitter gradient over a black base.


Jess - Midnight
Barry M - Jewel Britannia

29 July 2014

Nails: Wedding Guest

I went to a wedding during the summer as a guest and these are the nails I wore for it:



And what would a wedding post be without this gorgeous flower bride's bouquet.
She made it herself too!


28 July 2014

Nails: Blue Confetti

I started these nails off by using two blue polishes using the 'bag dab' / saran wrap / cling film method which was very effective but then I used L'Oreal's Confetti top coat over the top which made the base not show up so it was a waste of effort!


Perumbra - Blue
Models Own - True Blue
L'Oreal - Confetti Top Coat

27 July 2014

SIMPLES: Dots Within Dots

The Crumpet has a challenge going, to help teach nail art from the simple to the master. 

So week 8 and the task to master is dots within dots, which looks like circles. Here are my examples:

China Glaze - Grape Pop
Jade - Fascinio Violeta

[Details Here]

Sunday Stamping: Global Tiger Day

Global Tiger Day is 29th July.

Base Polishes
Nails Inc - New York Noir
Barry M - Mango

Stamping Polish: MoYou Nails - Special Nail Polish - Black
Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster 223

Swatch: Leighton Denny - Be My Berry


Colour: Red
Finish: Metallic
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Standard
How Much? 12ml
Anything Else? Perfect Festive Polish

26 July 2014

Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster 306 (BM306)


This stamping plate is from the third Bundle Monster set, from 2012. It is backed with branded lining to stop it from being sharp. This is useful, without it it is easy to slice open your fingers and palms which I have been known to do accidentally in the past with other stamping plates.


On this stamping plate there are 4 full nail images and 2 small single images, all of these stamped well. I like the candy design quite a bit and you can see the designs I have done using this plate below:

[details here]

[details here]

All of the nail art I have done using this stamping plate can be found HERE.

Swatch: Sinful Colors - Verbena


Colour: Lilac
Finish: Cremé
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Standard
How Much? 15ml

After having a quick look through my polish collection I noticed this polish was similar to a couple of others.

Sinful Colors - Verbena V's Beauty UK - Lilac Girl

Sinful Colors - Verbena V's Color Club - Pucci licious

Sinful Colors - Verbena V's Barry M - Berry Ice Cream