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6 July 2023

Same Prompt One Decade Later Nails: Glitter

Today I am sharing my of the prompt 'inspired by glitter' a decade on from the original which you can see here.

Red Holo Polish | A England - Rose Bower
Yellow Holo Polish ILNP - Funshine Smoothie
Green Holo Polish | A England - Saint George
Blue Holo Polish | A England - Spirit of the Moors
Indigo Holo Polish | A England - The Most Happy
Glitter Polish | L'Oreal - Confetti

Glisten and Glow - Glitter Grabber
Cosmic Auria - Topcoat

2013 Version;


28 July 2014

Nails: Blue Confetti

I started these nails off by using two blue polishes using the 'bag dab' / saran wrap / cling film method which was very effective but then I used L'Oreal's Confetti top coat over the top which made the base not show up so it was a waste of effort!


Perumbra - Blue
Models Own - True Blue
L'Oreal - Confetti Top Coat

3 July 2013

Swatch: Barry M - Sour Apple Confetti

This is a Confetti aka a bar glitter polish from Barry M, as you can see it has both aqua and lime bar glitters in a clear base. Sour Apple is from the Summer 2013 Confetti Collection. I chose to layer it over Key Lime because I thought they would go well together which they do, this one would go really well over a black too.


The polish went on well and the above photo shows one coat. I found I had to dab a little bit to get a good covering of the glitter but nothing too complicated. The finish was slightly bitty but nothing a topcoat can't smooth over. You could build this up to get a full coverage if you wanted to do so.

Sour Apple is similar (possible dupe) to Nails Inc's Brighton Feather polish.

26 June 2013

Swatch: Barry M - Liqucorice Confetti

Another Barry M Confetti polish, this is a bar glitter in a clear base which makes it a great topper. The bar glitter in this particular Confetti is black and white, I wasn't too sure which colour to pair this with but having used Barry M - Passion Fruit I think it works brilliantly.


The polish went on really well, the bar glitters spreading over the nail without the need for any fancy application techniques. Photo above shows just one coat of the Confetti polish. You can feel this on the nail once it is dried, but a layer of a topcoat and that is easily solved. You could build this up to get a full coverage if you wanted to do so.

19 June 2013

Swatch: Barry M - Marshmallow Confetti

I recently won a Barry M Competition and received a couple of polishes from the Summer 2013 range, this means I can share some swatches of them with you.

The first one is Marshmallow, a Confetti Effect. This is a bar glitter polish in a clear base which makes it a topper polish. The bar glitter is all light pink which is slightly pearlescent. I found that the glitter bars went very easily on to the nails, no need for dabbing or any other fancy technique. The finish is slightly bumpy, which you expect from a glitter but this is easily remedied with a topcoat.

One coat over Barry M's Berry Ice Cream

I think this looks nice over a complimentary colour such as the Berry Ice Cream, however I think it would look equally as stunning over a black as the colour of the bar glitter would pop. You could build this up to get a full coverage if you wanted to do so.

11 June 2013

Swatch: Barry M - Dolly Mixture Confetti

This is the final Confetti polish from this years summer collection, Dolly Mixture. Another bar glitter with the colours blue, peach and yellow these are all in a clear base and I have layered it over Barry M's Guava Gelly.


I found the Confetti topcoat to spread well and I got a nice even coverage. The above picture is one coat and as with the other Confetti polishes I would recommend using a topcoat to smooth out the finish. You could build this up to get a full coverage if you wanted to do so.

7 June 2013

Swatch: Barry M - Bubblegum Confetti

These are two colours I certainly wouldn't usually put together, but I think it looks very appropriate for summer. I actually won both of these polishes in a recent Barry M competition. So Bubblegum is a Confetti polish, which basically is a bar glitter. In this one the pieces of glitter are light blue and white in a clear base.


I found with this Confetti topper I had to dab to get a good even coverage. The photo above is two coats of the polish and it was slightly uneven but a topcoat did sort that out. I paired it with Barry M - Mango Gelly. You could build this up to get a full coverage if you wanted to do so.