31 August 2011

Shopping: August 2011

Swap with Ivana

Eyeko Polishes from the 50% off sale

Sleek Pout Paints

ELF 50% off order

Blue Skies and Fluffy Clouds - Lush
Ladyboy Solid Perfume - Lush
Moroccan Oil - BeautyExpert
VO5 Miricle Concentrate - Asda
Tigi Smoothing Lusterizer - BeautyExpert
American Cream Conditioner - Lush

Bundle Monster Stamping Plates Collection #2

26 August 2011

Nails: Explosion

Tape Explosion inspired by: Nailside


25 August 2011

Swatch: Ciaté Paint Pots - Wait Until Dark

I hadn't tried any by Ciaté before but the formula seems to be lovely and opaque, the brush handle seems to be a bit longer than the average polish but nothing you can't work with. The bottle has a cute bow which is a nice touch, also has a curved shaped bottle.

22 August 2011

Review: Maybelline - Lasting Drama Eyeliner 24H


I think this was the first gel liner easily available in UK stores, its currently £7.99 in Boots and as it claims it is a gel / cream consistency.


The black is deeply pigmented and it does last. Haven't tested it out for 24 hours but at 20 hours it was still in place. With a primer this doesn't transfer but without one it does a little bit, but this is a problem I often have with eye liners. Stays put on the waterline well. 

You get a eyeliner brush which is flexible but firm enough for lining. Its flattened so you can easily do fine or thick lines.



£7.99 - Boots

21 August 2011

Review: Sleek - Original Palette


By the name of the palette I'd guess this is the first one which came out. As with the other two palettes I have (Bad Girl, Storm) the black (1) is exceptionally pigmented and needs a special mention. 



There are 11 shimmer shadows and one matte, being the black (1). All of these are nicely pigmented and really transfer well from pan to eyelid. 

Sleek Make Up

15 August 2011

Review: Essence Better Than Gel Nails Kit

- Nail File
- Nail Tips
- Nail Glue
- Base Coat
- Top Coat
- Nail Tip Remover

Quite a lot of this kit is replaceable, as in you could use a cheaper glue and file. Claims to last for up to ten days, something I thought I would test out. You roughen up natural nail tips, stick on French tips, snap off plastic placer, use base and top coat and you are done!

Day One

The kit was easy to use, my nails looked glossy and had that perfect French tip.

Day Two

They continued to look and feel really nice.

Day Three

I started to get bored at this point and did a little nail art. By this point I would have had chipping and tip wear with polish.

Day Four

There was a little bit of scuffing of the shiny top coat at this point but still looking good.

Day Five

Again I wanted to switch things up, the gel nail tip nails still were looking good.

Day Six

The base of the nails were beginning to catch on my hair. I doubt this was just down to nail growth, as you can see in the photo they were coming away from the nail plate and so the next day I had to remove them.

The remover pot worked well although the little spikes inside did tickle my fingers! You just stick a finger in and twist it against the rubber spikes and the liquid helps remove the gel nails.

So the nail kit which claims to last up to ten days for me lasted 7 days. The claim of perfect, smooth french line with no chipping or fading was accurate. The kit only comes with enough tips for one manicure, however there are places which sells the french tips and you can reuse the rest of the kit with those. Essence also do them in silver and white.

14 August 2011

Review: ELF - Angled Eyeliner Brush

They say ~ This thin pointed brush creates even and accurate colour application in one fluid movement. The perfect angled tip of the brush provides exact placement for concentrated colour right up to the lash line. 

I say ~ The fine brush point on the brush is really good for applying a thin line of gel or cream eyeliner. I haven't found that the angle on the brush actually has made much difference in the application though. It is soft and gentle around the eye area and doesn't drag the skin.



10 August 2011

Review: Nakomi Stamping Plate M55

It arrived with a protective plastic layer and was in its own plastic packaging.

The plate has a blue toned clear sticker which is useful as in the past other plates I had tried have had clear ones which make it a little harder to tell if you have removed it or not.

9 August 2011

Review: NYC Slider Lipgloss Tin

Missing ELF's candy shop lip glosses? In Poundland recently I found a nail polish / lip gloss combo by NYC. Initially I bought it for the nail polish but on trying this out I have to say that it is very similar to the candy shop lip gloss from ELF. Possibly a dupe although who knows which came first!

It is the same size, has the same amount of product in, has the same feel to it being a sliding tin. However it has a plastic window which means you can see the colour, also shows how much you have used.


50p - Poundland

8 August 2011

Nails: Dick Daniels Inspired

I got this card for my birthday. Fun and a little different from the usual cupcake nail art. 

7 August 2011

Review: ELF - Kabuki Face Brush

They say ~ "Our handy and easy to use Kabuki Brushes provide a light to full coverage on your face or body to ensure a flawless finish"

I say ~ This brush is so incredibly soft, I use it for dusting the mineral booster over my face to set foundation. It is exceptionally more softer than the mineral kabuki brush, no scratching just smooth product application.


£5 - EyesLipsFace.co.uk

6 August 2011

Swatch: Sleek Pout Paints

Its 3 for 2 at the moment in Superdrug and its supposed to be on the Sleek website but they do seem to be having issues with sagepay.


Pin Up



You can mix them up and I mixed equal parts blue with port and ended up with this: