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13 October 2017

26 Great Nail Art Ideas: Friday 13th

Two weeks ago the last yearly Crumpet's Nail Tarts challenge ended. There is a new yearly challenge beginning today, 26 great nail art ideas. Challenge for today is "Friday 13th" and so I did Jason Voorhees mask inspired nails.


Base Polishes:
Eyeko - Vampira
La Femme - Jupiter 84
Barry M - Cotton

Black Acrylic Paint
Red Acrylic Paint
000 Paint Brush
Dotting Tool

5 January 2013

Battle of Nail Polish 2012: Top Three!

So we've had all of the battles and now it is time to whittle the best of each round down to the top three nail polishes of 2012!

3) Eyeko - Vampira ~ This is another blackened polish, this time it is a deep dark red glitter. It is quite delicate which is odd coming from such a dark polish. Unfortunately since Eyeko's revamp they have stopped doing nail polish, although I think China Glaze does a similar polish, that is called Lubu Heels.

2) A England - Lady of the Lake ~ Quite surprised that this was the only holographic polish making it in to the top three polishes. This is a dusky purple polish with a really beautiful holograph running through it. Admittedly living in the north of England limits the amount of day light I have and that means less sunlight which makes the polish 70% as amazing as it always is in direct sunlight.

1) Revlon - Facets of Fuchsia  ~ I adore this polish, wore it for my wedding and it is after all a blackened purple. Lot's of depth to the polish, chunky hex shaped glitter too. What more could I want from a polish.


25 December 2012

Nail Polish: Battle of the Reds

Another day, another battle! This time it is red polishes.

 Eyeko - Saucy, ELF - Light Red, Miss Sporty - 160, ELF - Medium Red, ELF - Cranberry, Barry M - Raspberry, Kleancolor - Metallic Red, ELF - Red Velvet, Sleek - Royalty  ELF - Dark Red, OPI - Sanguine, No.7 - Damson Dreams,  Eyeko - Vampira, OPI - William Tell Me About OPI

First off the top four are such a wide range of shades, which will make the next battle really difficult! ELF - Light Red is a prime colour, so simple. Barry M - Raspberry is a really lovely colour difficult to know where to place it red or a pink?

Barry M Raspberry and Eyeko Vampira made it through the round. Vampira is a very blackened red with red glitter throughout the polish.

I could have easily brought both in to the final but alas Eyeko Vampira made it on its own, purely because its a blackened polish and I have a leaning towards darker shades.

22 July 2011

Nails: Red French

Eyeko - Vampira
Miss Sporty - Cherry