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12 September 2023

Topic Tuesday: Most Sentimental Polishes in your Collection?

The most sentimental polish in my collection is Revlon Facets of Fuchsia / Scandalous  which I wore for my wedding day.


30 May 2023

Topic Tuesday: Only 10 Polishes from Collection?

With owning over 700 polishes it is difficult to only choose 10 polishes to keep. I think the easiest way to choose would be to look at the winners of my previous nail polish battles where I chose the best new polish to my collection every year for over a decade now. I still can't choose a 10th polish though! 


1 November 2022

Topic Tuesday: Which Only 10 Polishes Would You Keep?

Choosing only ten polishes from my collection was hard but below are the ones I chose today;

Revlon Facets of Fuchsia - Purple hex glitter.
Fancy Gloss Magma - Autumn in a topper bottle.
Barry M Cotton - Good basic white for nail art.
Orly Synthetic Symphony - Very vivid purple, unique to my collection.
Essie Angora Cardi - Dusty, cozy, warm pink.
OPI Less is Norse - Dusty, mid toned blue.
Barry M Dark Side of the Shroom - Clearly a deep aubergine.
ILNP Eclipse - Very shifty red to black multichrome.
A England In Robe and Crown - Dark purple which is also holographic.
Orly Liquid Vinyl - Good basic black for nails.


30 August 2022

Topic Tuesday: Past or Current ISO Polishes?

Earlier this month I got a few of my "in search of" polishes. When I got married in 2011 I had wanted to wear Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance but I couldn't find it in time so I went for a Revlon dupe.


30 December 2021

Nail Polish Battle: Polish of the Decade (2011 - 2021)

Since 2011 I have gone through my collection and picked out my favourite polish of each year, this post is looking back at the past winners and working out my polish of the decade. I still have all but one of the polishes, Models Own Gun Grey which I used up so excuse the dodgy photo editing!

I looked over my polishes and chose these as the top three;

First of the three to be eliminated is Facets of Fuchsia, only because it is a glitter and I don't like removing those.

In second place is Goth, while I do really like this polish it is very dark and in standard lighting it tends to look black. Whereas in direct light you can tell it is both holographic and deep, deep purple.


Which means the winner of this is In Robe and Crown! This polish is similar to Goth but in all lighting you can tell it is supposed to be a dark purple, when in direct sunlight it has a beautiful holographic flair to it.


16 February 2021

Topic Tuesday: What Polishes Do You Keep a Backup Of?

I have backups of Barry M Black Forest as it is a good black cream polish, it is much better formula than Barry M Black. I use a lot of black in nail art as well as wearing as is. Other than that one I have a couple of bottles of Revlon Facets of Fuchsia.


29 December 2020

Topic Tuesday: Most Precious Polish

I think that my most precious polish is the one I wore when I got married. Didn't cost much but it means a lot to me, Revlon Facets of Fuchsia. I was wanting Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance one but when we went to buy it they didn't have stock so got the dupe instead.