30 September 2012

Stamping on Sunday: French Tips

I struggle with using the French tip stamps, as you can probably tell!

Base Polish: Barry M - Black Multi Glitter
Stamping Polish: Stargazer - Silver Chrome
Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster 216

27 September 2012

Swatch: W7 - Metallic Jupiter

This is a duochrome polish which is very difficult to photograph! It flits between green, navy, purple, a nice almost a petrol on water polish if a little blackened.

Finish: Duochrome
Brush Type: Standard
Opacity: Two coats
How Much: 15ml

26 September 2012

ABC Nails: C is for Crackle

I've not used crackle polish in some time, and so here we are...

Base Polish:
Max Factor - Blue Odyssey
Crackle Polish: MUA - Broken Arrow

25 September 2012

52 Week Challenge: Grey

Final week in this year long nail challenge;

Base Polish:
George @ Asda - Witchcraft
Glitter: Barry M - Jewel Britannia

24 September 2012

22 September 2012

Swatch: Color Club - Mrs Robinson


Finish: Neon violet
Opacity: Three coats
How much: 14.5ml
Brush Type: Standard

Mrs Robinson over a white base, really makes it pop! Although the top coat I used has shrunk the polish but not the base which means it doesn't look as good as it should. 


21 September 2012

Nails: Bridal Veil Dots

A England - Bridal Veil
GOSH - Holo

20 September 2012

Swatch: Orly - Sunglasses at Night

Orly Sunglasses at Night is part of the Flash Glam FX collection. All of the polishes in this collection are really different, designed to be layered over the top of another polish. I think that they are quite similar to a lot of indie polishes which are out there.

Difficult to photograph, shown over ELF Black.

Sunglasses at Night is basically a holographic strand polish in a sheer grey base, perfect for layering over black. Was a bit of a pain to work with as any flitter type polish is, that was because the bits of glitter were extending past the end of the nail. Really like Orly polishes as the bottle has a rubberised lid which makes it so easy to open, and to keep it in your hand for perfect application.


Out of focus to show of true holo strands

Bottle shot

19 September 2012

ABC Nails: B is for Bee Nails Fred Butler Recreation

For the nail art challenge B I was going to do beach balls, however when I saw these nails on The British Beauty Blogger Blog I had to try my hand at them. Marian Newman for Fred Butler SS2013, bee's with sharp stingers.

[Picture from R.Lanji at www.ryanlanji.com]


Nails are the same as clothes, if you look at any fashion show chances are no one is going to wear the outfits.  Designers take bits from fashion shows and turn them in to something wearable, in this case the nails aren't wearable this is just a recreation of something from the catwalk.

18 September 2012

Swatch: A England - Lady of the Lake (The Mythicals)

I got this for my birthday and it is stunning!

Holographic polish, described as a dusky purple. I would describe it as a dusky mauve colour, the photos aren't all that colour accurate. The outdoor photos are better than the indoor ones although the shade is a few tones deeper. Holo wise the photos are accurate, not too much in your face especially indoors. Stunning in the sunlight!

I used two coats of the polish and its wonderfully pigmented, 3 free, not animal tested, great bottle shape, brush is standard. Amazing.

Also I really like my nail length in these photos!

17 September 2012

Nails: Monkey See, Monkey Do - Owls

Monkey See Monkey Do Monday! I am hoping to carry on with this kind of thing because I have a lot of inspiration on my pintrest board which I would really like to try my hand at.

There have been lots of these on pintrest, I followed this tutorial

16 September 2012

Stamping on Sundays: Leafy

Last leaves of Summer 2012, and that is the challenge for today. My photographing skills really failed today but I did a green flowery leaf pattern.

 Base Polish: ELF - Copper
Stamping Polish: Max Factor - Graffiti
Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster 321

14 September 2012

Nails: Autumn Feathers

I really a not too sure that summer 2012 actually happened here in England, certainly not where I am. 
Summer technically did happen, perhaps I blinked and missed it! Anyhow now it is September and therefore summer is officially over in the northern hemisphere, time to whip out the browns, reds and other autumn / winter nail colours.

A small feather found on my sofa, no idea how or where it came from but ideal size to stick to my nail!

Base Polish: ELF - Smoky Brown
Stamping Polish: ELF - Chocolate
Stamping Plate: BM214
Ring Finger Base: ELF - Desert Haze

12 September 2012

Swatch: Claires - Slice of Shine Glitter

This is a polish from Claire's Accessories, it is a hex glitter in a clear base. Blue and pink coloured hex glitter shapes, along with some fine silver glitter.

Claire's Accessories
£2.50 - 14.7ml