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26 January 2013

52 Week Challenge: Inspired by Your Country

I decided to try freehanding some flowers which didn't work out as well as I thought they might. They are inspired by Cath Kidson, she was born in England.

Base Polish: La Femme - Figg
WAH / Models Own Striper - White
Ciaté - Cupcake Queen
Green Nail Art Pen

3 October 2012

52 Week Challenge: Black

October is Depression Awareness month, in America. The UK doesn't have an awareness month, just a single week which was April 17–24. Raising awareness is never a bad thing.

The nails which I have done are supposed to represent the darkness of depression, black, dark, messy, imperfect. Foggy, unclear thinking. The matte finish because there is nothing shiny to be found. Imprinted with a fingerprint as it can be hard to know who you are under all the black fog.

"At least one person in every six  becomes depressed in the course of their lives. One in 20 is clinically depressed. Figures suggest that it is women more than men who become depressed, but men may find it harder to admit to or talk about their experience. All age groups can be affected, and it’s important to take symptoms seriously and not to dismiss them as an inevitable part of growing up or growing old. By recognising and treating the symptoms and getting help, it’s possible to overcome depression, and prevent it coming back"

25 September 2012

52 Week Challenge: Week 49 - Grey

Final week in this year long nail challenge;

Base Polish:
George @ Asda - Witchcraft
Glitter: Barry M - Jewel Britannia

11 September 2012

52 Week Challenge: Week 47 - Newspaper Nails

Week 50 has rolled around and only have two more weeks left.

This is so easy I don't know why I don't do them more often. Using a matte topcoat looks better I think than a glossy one.

27 August 2012

16 August 2012

52 Week Challenge: Week 43 - French

French manicures can be quite boring, but nothing a little glitter can spruce up. I first did the colour contrast French part but wasn't quite good enough for a challenge nail attempt so I used the glitter to fix that. 

Nail Tips: ELF - Black
Color Club - Fuchsia
Glitter: Barry M - Jewel Britannia 

31 July 2012

52 Week Challenge: Week 41 - Blue

The 44th Challenge is entitled 'Blue' what a perfect excuse to use one of my Kleancolor Holo's!

Essence - Let's Get Lost
Kleancolor - Holo Blue (135)

17 July 2012

52 Week Challenge: Week 39 - Inspired by a Book


On the first day he ate a hole all the way through an apple,
on the second day, he at holes through two pears,
on the third, through three plums
and on the forth, through four strawberries.

And of course eventually he turned in to a butterfly!

11 July 2012

22 May 2012

52 Week Challenge: Week 34 - Half Moon

Base Polish: Color Club - Mrs Robinson
Top Polish: ELF - Black

15 May 2012

52 Week Challenge: Week 33 - Orange

Week 33 and the challenge is 'orange', here is ELF's Fire Coral, which is orange with a slight pink undertone.

7 May 2012

52 Week Challenge: Week 32 - May Flowers

Week 32 and the challenge as the title suggests is May Flowers. It seems to be really cold in England at the moment, colder than over the Christmas season so I doubt there will be any flowers!

2 May 2012

52 Week Challenge: 31 - NEON!

This polish is undeniably neon, I haven't edited the colour in this photo at all.

25 April 2012

52 Week Challenge: Week 30 - Galaxy Nails

This was a challenge I was looking forward to doing, I'd been meaning to try doing Galaxy nails for quite some time. I think this worked although not sure if the star shaped glitter was overkill or not.

21 April 2012

52 Week Challenge: Week 29 - Fashion

Week 29 is here and the theme was to do nails inspired by fashion. I don't know the first thing about what is in fashion currently and what isn't so first thing I did was some research in to that! One of the reoccurring things which came up was tribal patterns;

Can you even see the tribal pattern?

13 April 2012

52 Week Challenge: Week 28 - Yellow

Yellow is the challenge of this week.

W7 - Sheer Yellow
Stamping Plate: Konad Q1
Stamping Polish: ELF - Black