17 July 2012

52 Week Challenge: Inspired by a Book

While with all of the hype I was going to do something grey and say it was from the 50 shades book but I am yet to have read that so thought something much more PG rated which I actually have read was in order!


On the first day he ate a hole all the way through an apple,
on the second day, he at holes through two pears,
on the third, through three plums
and on the forth, through four strawberries.

And of course eventually he turned in to a butterfly!


  1. Don't read 50 Shades, it's abhorrent! I love this, it's really cute and a great idea :)

  2. OMG i learned reading with that book!!


    1. :) I don't remember this book from when I was learning to read, but it certainly makes for a unique nail look!


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