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27 July 2016

Nails: Freehand Zebra

It's been a long time since I did freehand zebra nails, especially as currently my nails are a bit too long for the majority of stamping plates I have.

Base Polish: Barry M - Matt White

Models Own / Wah Nails - Black Nail Art Pen

23 April 2015

Pick n' Mix 52 Week Challenge: Neon + Indie

I was completely inspired by Madam Luck's nails I saw on her instagram, and while I don't think my version worked as well as hers, sometimes it is good to try something you wouldn't usually.

I used Polished by KPT - Color Therapy, which is an indie polish which happens to also be a neon. I prefer it over a black base, and it is also UV.


Base Polish: Barry M - Matt White
Stripes: Models Own Nail Art Pen - Black
Topper: Polished by KPT - Color Therapy

3 June 2014

Tri-Colour Nail Challenge: Nude, Coral and Turquoise #1

This is the first of the Tri-Polish Challenge for this month. The colours are Nude, Coral and Turquoise. If you want to join or want to know more about this then you can do here.

I chose to use: Leighton Denny - Opaque Elegance, Leighton Denny - Just Perfect and ELF - Teal Blue.


Leighton Denny - Opaque Elegance
Leighton Denny - Just Perfect

I also used Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black as well as acrylic black paint.


1 February 2014

Nails: #SignOfLove


"In June of 2013, Russian president Vladimir Putin signed a bill that banned ‘propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to minors'. This means that in Russia, if you belong to the LGBTQ community, it is illegal to 'propagate' your sexual orientation as it is deemed a violation of Russian law and 'traditional' sexual relations.

There is no legal definition of the term ‘propaganda’ and the ambiguity associated with the term only serves to increase cultural anxieties so that many people who agree with Putin’s ban have taken the law into their own hands, subjecting LGBTQ communities to violence and crime

How you can help?

We believe in love for everyone, between everyone. As part of our Sign of Love campaign, Lush are creating photo petition books which we will send to Russian embassies worldwide on the 14th February – the international day of love. Show your solidarity by uploading a photo of yourself painted with a pink triangle, using pink lipstick, then share your #SignofLove via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram"


Polishes Used
Nails Inc - New York Noir
Color Club - Warhol
George - Matte Top Coat
WAH / Models Own - White Nail Art Pen

2 September 2013

Nails: Green Cartoon Nails

I originally did these nails with a blue polish here, but today I thought I'd try it with a green. Cartoon Nails as far as I can tell were first done by Nancy Mc.


W7 - Black
Barry M - Key Lime (gelly)
Models Own / WAH - White Nail Art Pen

26 August 2013

Nails: Monkey See, Monkey Do - Lilac French Animal Print

When I first saw this over on Colores de Carol I was completely inspired to have a go myself. All I did was swap the light blue for light purple.


Avon - Street Beige
Barry M - Prickly Pear
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
Models Own / WAH - Black Nail Art Pen

18 July 2013

Tri-Colour Nail Challenge: Blue, Blue and Green #2

Now in the forth month of the Tri-Colour Challenge I don't think I need to explain the details. If you want to see more then click here. Want to join in, then click here. I ended up a bit of sponging, which blue over blue didn't show up too well. I did this for the second challenge:

Fauxnad M79
Barry M - Matte White
Models Own / WAH - Black Nail Art Pen

These are the three polishes I chose for this month's challenge. Barry M's Key Lime Gelly, Barry M's Blue Grape Gelly and finally La Femme's Sky Blue.