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30 June 2021

Nail Art: Pride 2021

The LGBTQIA+ flag has been updated in the past couple of years. 
I based these nails on the Progress Pride Flag.

Nail Art Progress Pride Flag Nails

Orange Polish | Barry M - Tangerine
Dark Blue Polish | Barry M - Blue Grape
Purple Polish | Barry M - Indigo

White Polish | OPI - Alpine Snow
Light Blue Polish | Barry M - Blueberry

Striping Brush


28 July 2015

Nails: Filigree Guitar

Barry M - Blue Grape
Avon - Blue Royale
Barry M - Silver Foil Effect

MoYou 108

23 June 2014

Nails: Blue Marbled

I used the saran wrap / clingfilm method to get these nails to look a bit like marble.


Maybelline - Cool Blue 651
Barry M - Blue Grape 317

24 March 2014

Nails: Stamped Stars


Base Polish: Barry M - Blue Grape
Stamping Polish: Stargazer -  Blue Chrome
Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster 21

23 March 2014

Sunday Stamping: Skyline

I had been wanting to use the skyline stamping image since I first got it, originally I would have gone with a night time back ground but then the stamping wouldn't have shown up as well. I used the saran wrap / clingfilm method for the background.


Base Polishes: Maybelline - Cool Blue 651, Barry M - Blue Grape 317
Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster 414
Stamping Polish: Nails Inc - New York Noir

18 December 2013

Nail Polish: Battle of Blues

If you would like to see which nail polishes were battling it for the blues last year then click here. This year the battles will only be using the new polishes I have got since last year.

Top Three
Maybelline - Cool Blue | Yes Love - L011 | Barry M - Blue Grape

Barry M Blue Grape, I really like this one it has a nice depth to it and isn't too dark to be mistaken for black