17 April 2020

Swatch: Barry M - Desert Orange Gelly (Wildlife Collection 2020)


Colour | Orange
Finish | Cream
Opacity | Two Coats
Brush Type | Flat, Wide, Rounded Cuticle
How Much | 10ml
Collection | Wildlife Collection 2020
20% of net profits go to David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Vegan | Cruelty Free

Comparisons and Dupes?

Tangerine | Satsuma | Desert Orange | Mandarin | Mango

Tangerine | Satsuma | Desert Orange | Mandarin | Mango

Tangerine | Satsuma | Desert Orange | Mandarin | Mango


Tangerine and Satsuma are very similar if not identical, desert orange and mandarin are identical and mango is very similar.



  1. This is nice, I will need to wear it soon.

    You should start a 2020 buys tab, so we can all perv over your hauls :-D I love seeing folks hauls <3


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