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19 November 2021

Nail Art: Diabetes Awareness - Patchwork Blues

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and so every Friday to raise awareness I am doing blue nails.

Type one diabetes can be diagnosed at any age, are you aware of the four T's?
The four T's stand for Toilet, Thirsty, Tired and Thinner.

Base Polish | Barry M - Night Sky
Accent Polishes
Stamping Polish | Nicole Diary - 02


30 June 2021

Nail Art: Pride 2021

The LGBTQIA+ flag has been updated in the past couple of years. 
I based these nails on the Progress Pride Flag.

Nail Art Progress Pride Flag Nails

Orange Polish | Barry M - Tangerine
Dark Blue Polish | Barry M - Blue Grape
Purple Polish | Barry M - Indigo

White Polish | OPI - Alpine Snow
Light Blue Polish | Barry M - Blueberry

Striping Brush


31 March 2021

Nail Art: Floral Blue Holo

Cream Polish | Barry M - Blueberry
Holo Polish | Moyra - Aquarius 254
Stamping Polish | Beauty Big Bang 02
Stamping Plate | Konad


9 November 2018

Nails: Blue Gradient and Holo Glitter

Raising diabetes awareness by wearing blue every Friday in November.

Light Blue Polish | Barry M - Sky Blue
Mid Blue Polish | Barry M - Blueberry
Glitter Polish | Barry M - Hologram 244

3 August 2018

26 Great Nail Art Ideas: Stamped Gradient

Polishes Used:
Yellow | W7 - Sheer Lemon
Green | Sally Hansen - Mojito
Pink | Barry M - Dragon Fruit
Blue | Barry M - Blueberry
Glitter | Jessica Holographic Topcoat
Duochrome Topper | Leighton Denny - Diamond Rose

Stamping Polish: MoYou - Special Nail Polish - Black
Stamping Plate: MoYou - Urban Collection 1

11 December 2017

Nail Polish Battle 2017: Blues

The blue category is large with nine polishes.

Barry M - Huckleberry // Barry M - Sky Blue // Barry M - Elderberry // Barry M - Blueberry // Nails Inc - Baker Street // A England - Order of the Garter // A England - Spirit of the Moors // Barry M - Blue Jade // A England - Proserpine

I did manage to get them down to my top three;

Nails Inc - Baker Street // A England - Spirit of the Moors // Barry M - Blue Jade

Baker Street blew up a few years ago when Beyoncé wore it. It is a cream finish polish which is quite vivid.

Blue Jade was a late comer in to my collection, it is nice I think for this time of year, a deeper blue than Baker Street but it is a bit more of a smoky blue.

Spirit of the Moors was one I was gifted for my birthday, it is a bright blue which holographic. Which if you have been following this series you will know is one of my favourite finishes.

13 July 2017

Swatch: Barry M - Blueberry


Colour: Blue
Finish: Cream
Opacity: Two Coats Shown
Brush Type: Wide, Flat, Rounded Cuticle
How Much? 10ml

7 March 2014

Swatch: Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream


Colour: Light Blue
Finish:  Cremé
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Standard
How Much: 10ml

10 February 2013

ABC Challenge: V is for V...


Base Polish: OPI - William Tell Me About OPI
Accent: Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream

25 January 2013

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by Childhood

During my childhood I lived pretty much in the middle of a field. 90% of the time surrounded by sheep and occasionally by cows. When the sheep were lambs they would escape from the fields as the fences weren't lamb proof, sometimes I would come out of my bedroom and find lambs in the hallway. Which is where the inspiration came from today:

Polishes Used:
Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream
Sally Hansen - Lavender Cloud
Ciaté - Mojito

Stamping Plate: S10 (Fauxnad)