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7 March 2014

Swatch: Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream


Colour: Light Blue
Finish:  Cremé
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Standard
How Much: 10ml

24 June 2013

Then and Now Throwback Nails: Ice Cream

After seeing One Nail to Rule Them All doing a feature called 'Then and Now' I thought I would have a look back at some of the so called nail art I did when I first began. Back in the summer of 2010 I did some mint choc chip ice cream nails, and so this was the perfect design for me to try and recreate.


Then - 2010


I wish I'd have chosen a different coloured background because it sort of melts in with the ice cream. Also I  think I made the waffle cone much more complicated than it really needed to be. 

20 June 2012

Summer Nail Challenge: Ice Cream

Originally the challenge was an ice cream sundae, however I ended up doing a quick ice cream look in the form of Neapolitan!

NYX - Purple Ink
W7 - Polar Bare
ELF - Smoky Brown