23 April 2015

Pick n' Mix 52 Week Challenge: Neon + Indie

I was completely inspired by Madam Luck's nails I saw on her instagram, and while I don't think my version worked as well as hers, sometimes it is good to try something you wouldn't usually.

I used Polished by KPT - Color Therapy, which is an indie polish which happens to also be a neon. I prefer it over a black base, and it is also UV.


Base Polish: Barry M - Matt White
Stripes: Models Own Nail Art Pen - Black
Topper: Polished by KPT - Color Therapy


  1. I think your mani looks every bit as good as hers. I actually prefer yours because it is handpainted rather than stamped. I always prefer the artist's personal touch that you get with handpainted strokes.

  2. I like the colourful glitter on top of the zebra print, pretty unique! :) x


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