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10 October 2017

Nails: World Mental Health Day 2017 - Workplace

Today is World Mental Health Day and the theme is mental health in the workplace. I used caviar pearls to create the ribbon and the cup and saucer is to signify the importance of the little things. A cup of tea may not solve your problems but enjoying the small moments is an important step.


Base Polish: Barry M - Huckleberry
Accent Polishes: Barry M - Kiwi, Barry M - Watermelon
Stamping Polish: MoYou - Special Nail Polish - Black
Stamping Plate: MoYou London - Alice in Wonderland Collection 02

MUA Libra Caviar Pearls
0.2mm Green Sharpie
Dotting Tool

10 October 2014

Nails: World Mental Health Day 2014 - Schizophrenia Awareness

Today is World Mental Health Day, and this year the focus is on Schizophrenia. From what I gather last year the idea was you wear purple for awareness, and the awareness ribbon colour is grey.


Polishes Used:
MUA - Frozen Yoghurt
Barry M - Matt White

Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster 321
Stamping Polish: Miss Sporty - New Black 420

3 October 2012

52 Week Challenge: Black

October is Depression Awareness month, in America. The UK doesn't have an awareness month, just a single week which was April 17–24. Raising awareness is never a bad thing.

The nails which I have done are supposed to represent the darkness of depression, black, dark, messy, imperfect. Foggy, unclear thinking. The matte finish because there is nothing shiny to be found. Imprinted with a fingerprint as it can be hard to know who you are under all the black fog.

"At least one person in every six  becomes depressed in the course of their lives. One in 20 is clinically depressed. Figures suggest that it is women more than men who become depressed, but men may find it harder to admit to or talk about their experience. All age groups can be affected, and it’s important to take symptoms seriously and not to dismiss them as an inevitable part of growing up or growing old. By recognising and treating the symptoms and getting help, it’s possible to overcome depression, and prevent it coming back"