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10 October 2017

Nails: World Mental Health Day 2017 - Workplace

Today is World Mental Health Day and the theme is mental health in the workplace. I used caviar pearls to create the ribbon and the cup and saucer is to signify the importance of the little things. A cup of tea may not solve your problems but enjoying the small moments is an important step.


Base Polish: Barry M - Huckleberry
Accent Polishes: Barry M - Kiwi, Barry M - Watermelon
Stamping Polish: MoYou - Special Nail Polish - Black
Stamping Plate: MoYou London - Alice in Wonderland Collection 02

MUA Libra Caviar Pearls
0.2mm Green Sharpie
Dotting Tool

5 December 2012

Swatch: Ciate - Mini Mani Month Day 9 - Prom Queen

The pearls inside this caviar mix are; fuchsia, navy and silver. In this particular mix there are silver and fuchsia hex glitter pieces too. I think these colours all work well together however I really can't get these pieces to work for me, they stick to the sides of the bottle, funnel and the paper I use to put excess back in the bottle. Problem is they don't roll like the balls, I'd of preferred the mixes without the he pieces as the struggle to stick to the nail as well.


2 December 2012

Ciate: Mini Mani Month Day 6 - Bumble Bee

In this pearl mix are yellow and black steel balls, which I really like. It actually suits it's name of Bumble Bee. No hex shaped glitter or anything else, just the same sized steel balls.


27 November 2012

Swatch: Ciate - Mini Mani Month Day 1 - Sundance

Colours: Teal Blue and Golden Yellow steel balls with hex shaped glitter, in silver and orange.

I actually don't really like the hex glitters, they just don't really work with the balls. They stick to the sides of the bottle making them difficult to get out, they gather in the lid too. Struggle to stick to the nail as well because of the shape of the balls getting in the way. The blue and yellow work well together though.